Niall Horan

- Co-op Live

Niall Horan
Co-op Live
Tue 27th Aug, 2024


Niall Horan is landing in Manchester on 27 August 2024, as part of his most expansive tour yet. The performance at Co-op Live is slated to feature a cross-section of songs from his three-album discography, including tracks from the recent UK No.1, ‘The Show.’

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Emerging from Mullingar and scaling the peaks of international stardom, Horan’s trajectory has clocked more than 80 million record sales across the globe. His latest project, ‘The Show,’ serves as a multi-faceted exploration into themes of love and mental health. It’s not just a collection of songs; it’s an album that pushes boundaries and elevates Horan from a musician to an artist who’s unafraid to tackle the weightier elements of life.

But don’t expect just another tour stop. For Horan, each performance is a two-way street—a dialogue between artist and audience. He’s not just there to play his music; he’s there to share an experience, to create a shared atmosphere that transcends the average concert. So, prepare yourself for an evening where the emotional resonance of the music is just as important as the melodies and the chords.