Nic-Cage Against The Machine at Cultplex

- Cultplex

Nic-Cage Against The Machine at Cultplex
Cultplex, 50 Red Bank, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M4 4HF
Fri 19th Jul, 2024


Cultplex is no stranger to the allures of Nicolas Cage. A favourite of Manchester’s best indie cinema, the gang down at Cultplex are always looking to put more Cage performances on the big screen and have even hosted a couple of Cage marathons over the years. But nothing comes close to the double bill they have lined up for Friday 19 July, as they will be screening Cage classic Raising Arizona followed by a performance from Nic-Cage Against The Machine. A RATM cover band, they’re fronted by the enigmatic actor himself (kind of) and have been blowing people away on tour.