Through The Seasons by MUSU


Through The Seasons by MUSU
MUSU, 64 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BN
Thu 25th Apr, 2024


Award-winning Japanese restaurant MUSU will be holding a truly unique, one-of-a-kind culinary experience at its premises on Bridge Street, teaming up with Japanese drink specialists House Of Suntory to create Through The Seasons by MUSU.

Held in the venue’s private dining room, the event promises to be an immersive sensory experience, offering a journey through Japanese culture. The evening will centre around a stunning 8-course tasting menu, featuring curated dishes to complement the distinct botanicals highlighted by the brand’s Roku range of specialty gin.

In order to create a full sensory experience, guests will be invited to wear headsets, which will play seasonal sounds and music at the start of each section, along with the smells of the seasons with a carefully planned scent set up designed to enchant the senses. MUSU’s cinematic wall panels will also change, moving through from budding plants to falling leaves and morning frosts, to illustrate the passing of time.

A member of the Suntory team will be alongside MUSU Chef Patron Michael Shaw to explain the provenance of each accompanying gin.

Chef Patron Michael Shaw said: “Honestly, this is something totally new to the restaurant industry. I’ve not heard of anything like this anywhere in the country before, and we’re all so genuinely excited to see the results.

“Food and flavour is about so much more than just taste. The sights, smells and sounds that a meal makes are just as important to how you experience what you’re eating. We wanted to channel the rich tapestry of Japanese culture already in the restaurant, and just heighten that experience to a level we’ve never seen before.”

Tickets are £250 per person, with the experience including a welcome drink, canapé reception, and the full 8-course tasting menu with beverage pairings. Tickets are extremely limited, with just 16 seats available.