A Drum & Bass Bike Rave is coming to Manchester this Weekend!

DJ Dom Whitling is back on his bike for a drum n bass soundtracked jaunt across Manchester…

By Emma Davidson | 13 July 2022

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On Sunday 17th July at 2pm, the streets of Manchester will once again be booming with the sounds of drum n bass, as DJ Dom Whiting returns to the city for his very famous travelling musical bike tour. 

Back in June last year he joined Beavertown Brewery for ‘Ride and Rave’, which saw the DJ ride through the streets of the city bringing epic tunes and summer vibes to make up for a year without festivals, live music and parties.

Even though festivals finally made a triumphant return in 2022, Dom’s tours haven’t stopped, and he’ll be parading through the city next Sunday bringing his new set – ‘Drum & Bass On The Bike’, encouraging us all to once again to get in the saddle and let loose with our mates!

Dom began his high-energy DJ musical tours, which he live-streams directly from his bike, a few years ago. Since then, he has rigged his DJ mixer onto his bicycle and brought his tunes and energy to the streets of Cardiff, Brighton and Bristol, as well as taking his sets across the country as part of the BBC’s coverage of the Euro 2021 tournament. 

For this month’s Drum & Bass On The Bike, he’ll be back in Manchester armed with the very best tracks for those travelling alongside him and also joining him in passing on the street. 

He’s yet to announce his Manchester route, but every event Dom hosts sees him joined by a huge following of fellow bikers and drum n bass enthusiasts. If you’re into either of those things, make sure to keep an eye of Dom’s social media to see exactly where he’ll be passing in Manchester next Sunday. 


Drum & Bass On The Bike
with DJ Dom Whiting

Date: Sunday 17th July
Time: TBC
Route: TBC
Cost: FREE

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