A Mega Plant Hunt is Taking Place Across Manchester Next Week!

Northern Lights Home, Northern Flower, Blossom and Flower Lounge have joined forces for a mega plant hunt next Saturday!

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 25 May 2022

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Plants have seemed to lead the way in interiors for the past few years. The green shrubbery has the ability to add a certain finesse to a room, at times transforming a fairly dull space into a tropical paradise!

This rise in popularity has seen a plethora of plant shops open up across the city, and, on Saturday 14th May, four areas of Manchester will host a mega plant hunt that will see greenery hidden in various places across Chorlton, Didsbury, Northern Quarter and Ancoats. 

Image: Sam Marvell

Organised by Len Hamilton, the man behind Ancoats’ Northern Lights, he began hosting plant hunts during lockdown as a fun thing for everyone stuck at home to partake in!

Originally taking place only across Ancoats and Northern Quarter, the huge success has now led Len to branch out further, with plant hunt number 3 taking place in Chorlton and Didsbury, too

How the plant hunt works is, on the morning of the hunt each florist will post videos and clues on their Instagram profile, indicating where to find the plants that have been strategically placed around each area. 

Then, it’s pretty much a race against time as the first person who finds the shrubbery gets to keep it! You must then snap a pic and tag the florists. There’ll be a range of plants available including monsteras and geraniums, alongside some special surprises that will be revealed on the day!

Len said: “The first event we did was absolutely crazy! Honestly, you would not believe it. I was getting out of my car, placing the plants and before I even stepped back in people were legging it to find them! It was hilarious.

“I organised the hunts originally to bring a bit of joy to people a fairly bleak time, and I think that’s what it’s continuing to do now, too. It’s a great event for people to just have a bit of a laugh!”

The Mega Plant Hunt 3 will take place on Saturday 14th May from 11am – 4pm.


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