Cornerhouse Films 2011

A listing of films coming up at the Cornerhouse Manchester, with short excerpts.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 12 February 2011

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Where: 70 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 5NH – 0161 228 7621

When: Mon – Sun: Varies see website for full details

Never Let Me Go
From Fri 11 February

Cert 12A, 104 mins ; In English
A poignant and thoughtful drama, based on the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, which follows the fated lives of a group of school friends as they come to terms with their dark, predetermined existence. Starring an award-winning performance by Carey Mulligan.

True Grit
From Fri 11 February

Cert 15, 110 mins ; In English
Filmmakers Ethan and Joel Coen make their return, adding their characteristically well-crafted stamp to this reworking of Hathaway’s 1969 Western. Featuring a stellar cast, including Jeff Bridges, this is a must see for all Coen brothers fans.

From Tue 8 February 18:10

Cert 15, 130 mins ; In Mandarin with full English subtitles
Feng Xiaogang’s latest film Aftershock has been a Box Office smash hit across Asia and is a visually stunning, ambitious drama following the tale of seven year-old Fang Deng whose family is torn apart in the 1976 Tangshan earthquake.

Animal Kingdom
From Fri 25 February

Cert 15, 113 mins ; In English
Reminiscent of gritty Australian dramas The Boys and Chopper, this sobering and thrilling tale is supported by outstanding performances, including Guy Pearce. Winner of the World Cinema Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival 2010.

From Thu 10 February 18:20
Cert 15, 74 mins ; In English
A journey through love, loss and friendship, 29-year-old Fran should be enjoying the happiest time of his life. But rather than being on his honeymoon he’s been rejected by his fiancée and is struggling to come to terms with his new found single life.

Coming Soon

James Franco, star of last month’s 127 Hours, takes the lead as iconic Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. The use of animation and reconstructions provide insight into his fascinating creative process and the legal proceedings that made his work infamous.

Rabbit Hole
From Fri 4 February

Cert 12A, 91 mins ; In English
Becca and Howie Corbett’s struggle to cope after their young son is knocked over and killed. Based on David Lindsay-Abaire’s Broadway play, this is a powerful, emotional film imbued with hope starring Nicole Kidman, Aaron Eckhart and Dianne West.

Two in the Wave
Coming Soon

A compelling a visually exciting documentary using archive footage, film clips and dramatisation to explore the friendship, a love of movies that brought them together and rivalries between two of the great nouvelle vague directors: François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard.

Loose Cannons
Tue 1 – Thu 3 February

Cert 12A, 113 mins ; In Italian with full English subtitles
A family dinner brings surprises for the Cantone family in this coming out comedy from Italian-Turkish director Ferzan Ozpetek. Screening in association with Contemporary Italian Film Directors course.

Showing from Sat 8 January
Cert 15, 83 mins ; In Spanish with full English subtitles
This award-winning and powerful directorial debut from Diego Luna, star of Y tu mamá también and Milk, is an emotive family drama exploring the problems of paternal absenteeism in Mexico.

Showing from Fri 28 January
Cert 15, 148 mins ; In Spanish with full English subtitles
Anchored by a stunning central performance from Javier Bardem, the new film from Amores Perros and 21 Grams director Alejandro González Iñárritu tells the compelling story of one man’s struggle to find spiritual redemption in Barcelona.

Black Swan
Showing from Fri 21 January
Cert 15, 108 Mins ; In English
Following his acclaimed 2008 hit, The Wrestler, Darren Aronofsky returns with psychological thriller that follows Nina, a competitive, dedicated dancer whose dreams of taking the lead role threaten to overpower her already fragile state of mind.

I Am Love
1 showing – Wed 23 February 18:20
Cert 15, 119 mins ; In Italian with full English subtitles
Tilda Swinton gives an excellent performance as Emma, a wealthy member of Milan’s repressive upper classes. A chance encounter leads Emma to cast off her high-society matriarchal persona and embrace a new-found sexual freedom.

King Lear
1 showing – Thu 3 February 18:45
As Live, 210 mins ; In English
Derek Jacobi plays the title role in the Donmar Warehouse production of Shakespeare’s King Lear, directed by Michael Grandage, which will be broadcast from the Donmar’s home in London’s Covent Garden.

Showing from Fri 21 January
Cert 18, 124 mins ; In English
The long-awaited follow up from award-winning Scottish director Peter Mullan, NEDS is a hard-hitting story set in 1970s Glasgow. An extremely personal story which seals Mullan’s place in the canon of great British filmmakers.

Now, Voyager
From Wed 16 February
Cert U, 117 mins ; In English
A tender yet bittersweet romance, starring Bette Davis in her career milestone performance as Charlotte Vale – a frustrated spinster who defies her domineering mother to be brought out of her shell, only to embark on a doomed love affair.

Soviet Shakespeare/ Hamlet
1 showing – Sun 20 February 13:30
Cert U, 140 mins ; In Russian with English Subtitles
A rare chance to see the Soviet Hamlet. With its stirring score by Dmitri Shostakovich, this is considered by many to be the finest screen adaptation of the play.

The Fallen Idol
Showing from Sun 6 February
Cert PG, 95 mins ; In English
The first of Carol Reed Reed’s three collaborations with Graham Greene is the author’s favourite adaptation from his work. A thriller from a child’s point of view, it follows the French ambassador’s son who discovers a terrible secret about his idol.

The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum
1 showing – Tue 22 February 18:30
Cert 12, 106 mins ; In German with full English subtitles
Based on the well-known book by Heinrich Böll the film is a critical portrayal of the right-wing media whipping up public hysteria at the height of left-wing terrorism in West Germany in the 1970s.