Destroy EVERYTHING at Manchester's First Smash Room

You can now purge your pent-up stress at Temper Tank.

By Daisy Miles | Last updated 17 August 2022

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It’s fun to throw a strop. Admit it. But in civilised life, throwing glasses and smashing plates tends to be slightly frowned upon. Maybe you’re Greek, and your plate-smashing bone is itching, but your mum won’t let you near the family china.

Whatever the scenario, it isn’t every day that we get to go berserk on brittle inanimate objects. At Temper Tank, you can live out your anarchist fantasies for real.

This is pretty much your only real-life opportunity to imagine that ex-boyfriends face on a piece of crockery, demolished by your own hand. Do your worst. I’ve heard it’s better than meditation (although I can’t imagine Buddhists substituting it).


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At Temper Tank, you’ll be able to throw the adult equivalent of a temper tantrum, without the repercussions.

This is Manchester’s first smash room: an alternative activity to combat boredom, create excitement, test your might and tackle mental health. What are you waiting for? Pick your weapon and start smashing.

Purge your pent-up stress and live out the rage-driven fantasy of destroying everything in the room!


Temper Tank

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Temper Tank, Unit 11, Wellington House, Pollard Street East, M40 7FS
Open: Wednesday – Sundays, 1pm – 8pm
Sessions last 30 minutes