What even is Manchester Day 2018?

As well as being Father's Day, and the massive clash of the titans that is Costa Rica v Serbia in the World Cup, this Sunday 17th June is also Manchester Day - and in case you don't have a clue what that is - read on - all will be explained.

By Ben Brown | 13 June 2018

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The day began in 2010 with the purpose to celebrate the creativity and diversity of this great city. A time when communities can celebrate pride in the city, show what makes us feel Mancunian and get us all together to create an event that is special for everyone.

So that was the idea and since then there have been annual events, a huge parade and just loads of general merriment all around the city in June. This year the event falls on Sunday 17th and as you’d expect – there’s a lot happening.

If you want to skip over my terrible writing and pathetic attempts at humour then you can just head on over to the official Manchester Day 2018 website and read all about it. Those of you who want to continue the pain – here’s what to look out for this year:


The Parade

No special event is complete without a parade and Manchester Day is no exception. Macy’s have theirs in New York, those North Koreans have their military one in Pyongyang and Manchester has ours on Manchester Day. In fact, that’s a lie – we also have the amazing Pride Parade every year at the end of August which I also highly recommend – if only for the big sloppy kisses off Sir Ian McKellen.

Back to Manchester Day and the parade will weave itself through the city from 1pm, starting on Liverpool Road and ending at Exchange Square at around 2.30pm. There is a map of it right HERE. Get yourself stood on the pavement anywhere on this route and you’ll be in for a visual treat of floats, dancers, music and lots and lots of waving.


The Squares

They’re one thing that Manchester has an abundance of – nice squares in which people can congregate and large events can erect their stands, stalls and tents. Of course, no event is ever going to want to be held at Piccadilly Gardens so Manchester Day focuses on St Ann’s Square, Albert Square and Cathedral Gardens.

Open from 12pm til 6pm, St Ann’s Square will feature a ‘feast of music and dance; with music from the West End, choirs, international drumming and plenty of impressive moves.

Albert Square will be the home of ‘Sounds of the Summer’, featuring the heart of the city beats with an eclectic mix funk, electronic and jazz from the RNCM, as well as some rather impressive Celtic music.

Finally, Cathedral Gardens will be where you can ‘Feel the Beat’ with Matt & Phred’s own style of jazz, a huge steel pan band and the grooves of Beat Bizarre. On top of these performances there will also be plenty of food & drink stalls in which to stuff your face.


Food & Drink

The Manchester Food and Drink Festival has brought together a truly mouth-watering selection of food, from wood-fired pizzas and Korean fried chicken, to New York-style bagels and vegan junk food. For those of you with a sweet tooth there’ll be churros, Dutch waffles and plenty of ice cream.

Manchester Day bars will also serve a selection of ales from the best Manchester breweries alongside delicious ciders, wines and soft drinks.

So, on Sunday 17th June, from 12pm ’til 6pm, the city centre is the place to be – get out and celebrate the best city in the world – see you there!