Generation Pop

Generation Pop are based on New York Street and are Europe's largest animation art gallery.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 30 August 2011

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Where: Unit E3, City Tower New York St, Manchester M1 4BD – 0161 247 7870


What: Generation Pop are based on New York Street in the City Centre and are Europe’s largest animation art gallery. Authorised by all the major Hollywood Studios including Disney, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox etc to retail their ranges of animation and film related art.

Generation Pop hold special events and exhibitions once every two months, all are free to attend and due to the nature of the artwork, they tend to drum up quite a bit of public interest. Past events include “Vintage Disney” containing some of the earliest drawings of Mickey Mouse ever produced, a Star Wars event, including promotional staff dressed as the characters and a Simpsons exhibition containing pieces signed by Matt Groening, the creator of the Simpsons as well as original production sketches and hand painted cells that were used in the making of classic episodes.

Recently Generation Pop hosted a Marvel exhibition, at the same time as Marvel were filming Captain America in Manchester, and Marvel creator Stan Lee signed a few of the pieces that were shipped over to the UK for the exhibition.

As well as exhibitions Generation Pop hold special one off events, like flying over Allison Lefcort, America’s hottest current pop artists, with collectors including the ‘who’s who of Hollywood, Royalty and politicians.

Generation Pop are a commercial gallery and sell the artwork they exhibit but what makes them different is their unique access, which means the Manchester public get to see collections that no other gallery in the world could ever dream of showing.

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