Going once, Going twice!

Coronation Streets Steve Huison creates charcoal drawings of his fellow actors for charity auction.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 23 February 2011

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I’m staring up at Keith Duffy humming Boyzones Love me for a reason in my head. In front of me Kevin Webster cracks a joke and gives me a nod. Carla Connor is to my right wearing a sassy red mac- very Audrey Hepburn chic.

No don’t worry your princess hasn’t gone slightly mad! I spent the evening reporting for Manchesters Finest on Coronation Streets Charity event (Hospital to Home) as part of Steve’s Shoestring Theatre Co. Steve Huison (who plays Eddie Windass) has created 20 fantastic charcoal drawings of his fellow cast members, all to be auctioned off for the charity. And as we only attend the swankiest and finest events in Manchester – of course your princess was there to report all back to you.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m not one for art. (Maybe the art of shopping, the art of fine dining or the art of shoes). However the pictures were fantastic! Such a likeness to all the cast and even a brilliant self portrait.

The room was filled with some M.F’s, Press, the Corrie cast and an awful lot of men with neck scarves! Keith Duffy is our “auctioneer” and his Irish charm works it’s magic as bids up to £700 come rolling in.

The event was in the chic Royal Exchange at Contemporary Six, hosted by the hottest new agency in Manchester; Rococo. With their uber sassy PR girls (including Channel M’s Michelle) they created a brilliant, relaxed ambiance with a select crowd. A big Princess nod for Debbie who plays Anna Windass, looking uber stunning! Slightly disappointed with the lack of designers on display from the celebs; however my fellow princess didn’t let the side down; topping up everyones glasses in a gorgeous pair of Louboutins as seen on Cheryl Cole.

The bidding lasts about 45 minutes and I’m almost tempted to put a bid in on Peter Barlows picture (secret odd crush of 2011- I’m sure the vino we have been given also has something to do with it!) and even a large anonymous donation has been given in.

A huge well done to Steve who I am sure is pleased with the outcome of the event and if you’d like to purchase any limited edition prints click here now!

Pushing through the sea of paparazzi the next stop for M.F’s is one of our favourite haunts Rosso Restaurant with celebs and bidders in toe.

All images courtesy of the Rococo Group.