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We were invited along to try out a VIP day at the sparkly new Love Exclusive studios

By Manchester's Finest | 11 January 2012

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Now I wouldn’t consider myself the most photogenic of candidates and as much time as I spend pampering myself, I still prefer to avoid any kind of camera action (queue something as cringe worthy as Chandler from Friends awkward grins). So quite frankly the prospect of taking on a day of pampering, styling and photography in the name of Manchesters Finest left me a little nervous.

Invited along to try out a VIP day at the sparkly new Love Exclusive studios, I got up at the crack of dawn, rubbing sleepy eyes and wandering through the great northern building on Deansgate to where they are conveniently based.

Immediately as I arrive, and despite the hour of the morning the team are fresh faced, cheerful, friendly and bring me a much needed coffee! The studio is comfortable, beautiful, glossy, cool and so very far from intimidating – and not a hint of any Vaseline enhanced photographers lens. No time is wasted before I’m led through to a warm, quiet room by one of the team for my Clarins facial!

Oh the bliss my poor knackered skin was about to experience! My therapist explained thoroughly what she was doing and what she was using. In make-up the girls here are lovely, all fully trained and qualified, freelance artists. My artist Fyza and helps me decide on my ‘look’ for the shoot -something fun, not too crazy, but with a fashion editorial edge. So with a glass of champagne to get things rolling I get a great base, she explains what they need make-up wise for the cameras and end result, so along with pretty smoky eyes, gorgeous lashes, glossy lips and a quick play with my hair, I’m all set.

Next I’m introduced to the lovely photographer Susan and stylist Alina, both ladies make me feel completely at ease, discuss what kind of thing I want from the shoot, examine my personal style and look and get things moving.  Alina selected some outfits from the wardrobe and talks me through what she’s thinking – she seems to have me and my style, completely sealed down making me feel thoroughly comfortable.  Whilst I’m getting changed Alina and Susan throw together some ideas for the shoot, sort lighting etc.

Literally the most fun I’ve ever had anywhere near a camera, we play with different looks, poses, backdrops, outfits and props and the time absolutely flies by! I go off to get changed, the camera is whisked off and I wait to run through the pictures with the lovely owner Natalia.

I’m thrilled with the result, no embarrassing or cheesy awkward smiles or posing. The pictures are beautiful. Natalia makes sure I had a lovely time, discusses my pictures and tells me all about the options. I get a lovely print for free but there are easy ways to buy more of your prints, even if you want to pay monthly! There are calendars, canvas’s (which can also be enhanced with Swarovski crystals). There’s very little they can’t do and make it as easy and affordable (without ANY pressure!) for you to buy your pictures and remember your fabulous day!

I’m already drawing up a list of people in my life who deserve this fabulous experience as a gift! They even do express makeovers to help you prepare for that big night out!

And keep reading here, Love Exclusive is an independent enterprise and the owner Natalia told me about some VERY exclusive things coming soon!

We also have a very exciting competition we are running in conjunction with Love Exclusive! We have some VIP invites to give away to a few of our lucky readers! Just comment on this post or tweet us and tell us why you or someone you love, deserves to win a VIP invite.
Thank you to Natalia, Fyza, Susan and Alina and the rest of the team for my wonderful day at Love Exclusive!