Manchester's Finest Bandersnatch; Control our Editor's life for the day

It's taking Netflix by storm so we've decided to make it even better as we bring you your very own Manchester-based interactive experience.

By Ben Brown | 8 January 2019

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The newest episode of Black Mirror on Netflix has penned itself as the world’s first choose-your-own adventure TV show and anyone who has watched and interacted with it will know that it’s a pretty impressive concept all round.

Well, we at Manchester’s Finest have decided to go one better and give our followers the chance to control the life of, well… me. So this Saturday 12th January all you need to do is follow our Instagram story where you can personally interact and dictate exactly what I do from the moment I wake up.

Should I start the day with a healthy smoothie or a shot of vodka?
Should I shave my beard off or go get a perm?
Should I take in some art and culture or go skiing?
Should I get up on the karaoke machine or start a conga?

You can decide my WHOLE DAY for me this Saturday.


The Manchester’s Finest Bandersnatch Adventure
Starts at 10am on Saturday 12th January on our Instagram account, which you can follow below…

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Good Luck and (please) don’t ruin my life!