Selfridges The Trafford Centre Ice Rink

Dancing on Ice stars Matt Evers and Maria Filippov opened the rink with a spectacular skate routine

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 21 November 2013

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Manchester’s Finest headed to Selfridges, Trafford Centre this week as they launched their all-new covered ice rink and were on hand to give guests some tips on how to stay upright on the ice!


I bagged myself a one to one lesson with Matt to see if she could transform her Bambi legs into something more graceful!

Christmas has definitely arrived at Selfridges Ice Rink at the Trafford Centre. A true winter wonderland the glass walls are lined with garlands studded with twinkly lights plus there’s 42 stunning glitter balls to make you sparkle as you skate. The rink holds 120 skaters but I was just interested in the one on show on the launch night…world champion skater and Dancing on Ice star Matt Evers who was taking me for a glide and a bit of a gossip.

Now at the age of thirty something I’m not the youngest skater on the block plus I haven’t ventured on ice since my teenage trips to Altrincham Rink. Matt assured me though (with his twinkling eyes and super smile) that there’s no age limit to stop you having a go and fear shouldn’t be a factor.


“Like my grandmother used to say if you scare yourself everyday you are going to live a very long and healthy life” Matt assured.

“Over the past nine years of Dancing on Ice I’ve gotten people who were absolutely petrified of the ice and we say to them ‘just come out, just experience it’ and by the end of 15 minutes maybe an hour they say ‘wait a second this isn’t half as scary as I thought’”

Ice-skating isn’t just fun, it’s a great way to get fit. You only have to look at how the celebrities transform after taking part in Dancing on Ice to see the difference it can make to your body. It is an exercise that can really help build your core, tighten your buttocks and strengthen legs and arms.

“You will find and you will see muscles in your body that you never knew existed,” explains Matt. “Different parts of your body change drastically and pretty quick after just a few skating lessons.”

The American skater grew up on an outdoor rink so is used to cold conditions and plenty of snow – he thinks that Selfridges Trafford Centre have got just the right balance to recreate that experience.

“This ice rink feels like you are outdoors because there’s a glass ceiling but you don’t have to worry about the rain or the cold weather because you are indoors – so it’s the best of both worlds!”

The Selfridges rink will be at the Trafford Centre until January 5th, giving you plenty of time to brush up your skating skills and get in the mood for the new Dancing on Ice, which is fast approaching. Ice skating legends Torvill & Dean have already announced that 2014 will be their last series and it seems like all the skaters will be hanging up their boots with talk of the show ending its run. Whatever happens Matt is proud to have been such a huge part of it.

“I’m so excited I pinch myself sometimes that I’m involved in the show. I had Pamela Anderson last year as my partner who is a fantastic woman and an incredible human. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have worked with Manchester locals like Denise Welch and Jorgie Porter. It has been just amazing.”

Maybe one of those will return for 2014 as ITV have just confirmed former winners and memorable contestants from the previous 8 series will compete in an all-star series in January. There is one person that Matt wishes he could have partnered with though…

“I’d love to have danced with Kate Middleton, ”
reveals Matt. “We need a Royal on the ice!”

With that my time with Matt is up. I’m left smitten and starving…this skating lark is hungry business. Lucky for Matt my appetite is suppressed by the on-site Krispy Kreme café where I scoff a strawberry cheesecake doughnut in less than 10 seconds…now that’s impressive work!

The Selfridges Ice Rink, in association with UGG, is open until January 5, 2014. Adult skating from £7 off peak and £9 peak, children and concessions from £5 off peak and £7 peak. Parking at Trafford Centre is free.
See website for opening times, booking and directions:
Online or call 0161 629 1306.