Tattu Halloween Screamings 2018

To celebrate the spooky season, Tattu are once again partaking in their Halloween 'Screamings' - a day of movies which are perfectly paired with a selection of cocktails and a new three-course menu.

By Ben Brown | 19 October 2018

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Taking place on Sunday 28th October, Tattu will have 3 sittings, each with a different horror film to watch while you tuck in. Here’s what they’ve got:

3pm – I Know What You Did Last Summer
That one out of Buffy and her mates have a little car crash, kill someone and then cover it all up. Cut to a year later and they’re all living the life of Riley until a hook handed SOB turns up and tells them “I know what you did last year when you had that car crash and covered it all up”.

6pm – Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers starts off really, really well with a couple of annoying teenagers getting tormented by an unknown man, who is later revealed to be a disgusting winged creature known as ‘The Creeper’.

9pm – Nightmare on Elm Street
A horribly burnt bloke with a razor sharp claw hand comes back from the dead to kill the children of the parents who burnt and killed him. He does this through their dreams, so they try desperately not to fall asleep. Harder than it sounds.

And on Halloween night itself they’re putting on the most fitting of horror movies…

7.30pm – Halloween
The gripping story of a poor little child, forced to murder most of his family, who is then imprisoned within the confines of a William Shatner mask painted white for the rest of his life. But he doesn’t let that stop his killings, as he stalks Jamie Lee Curtis in a suburban hell on the scariest night of the year.

Alongside the movie will be a bespoke menu created by Tattu’s chefs…

Welcome Cocktail
Poison Apple – Dare to take a sip?
Midori, apple liquor, lime and apple


Dim Sum
Chicken Xiao Long Bau eyeballs
Pumpkin eyeballs (vegetarian option)
Kung po chicken mummy


Main Course
Choice of either:
Crispy Shredded Chilli Beef – Tomato, chilli and garlic
Vegetarian Chicken and Black Bean – Asparagus and beansprouts
*Mains served with a side of either jasmine rice or seasonal vegetables.


RIP Dead-sert
Dark chocolate and orange

Halloween Screamings at Tattu
Sunday 28th October, All Day
Wednesday 31st October, 7.30pm

Tattu, Gartside Street, 3 Hardman Square, Spinningfields, Manchester, M3 3EB
0161 819 2060