The Cutting Edge 3D Technology bringing Dinosaurs Back to Life in Wythenshawe this Summer

The groundbreaking 3D and AR technology will bring ancient history back to life this July...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 27 June 2021

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Dino Kingdom has revealed its innovative state-of-the-art 3D and AR technology that will bring ancient history back to life right in front of visitors’ eyes.

Coming to Manchester this summer with an epic outdoor, prehistoric exploration, Dino Kingdom will utilise digital advancements to recreate a Jurassic adventure that will have the whole family completely immersed. Prepare to be blown away as the future meets the past with 100 life-like moving and roaring dinosaurs and creatures to uncover.

An educational experience as much as an adventure, Dino Kingdom will display a 6-metre-long dinosaur, with internal, illuminated 3D mapping to show the anatomy of the Jurassic creature. From the heartbeat to its muscle, skin to feathers you’ll be able to learn about the biology of the greatest beings to roam the earth.


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Families can download the Dino Kingdom app to navigate the trail like a pro and discover hidden dinosaurs on your phone screen through a next-level projection mapping experience. Learn as you explore, as on each discovery prompts will appear to give a unique insight into how dinosaurs lived, millions of years ago. Dino Kingdom promises guests will leave with a greater knowledge of dinosaurs than ever before.

Let the kids’ artistry run wild with an AR activity where they get to draw their very own dinosaur; then simply scan it and it will be brought to life immediately! Enjoy watching your kids’ very own pre-historic creation become a real-life character and interact with other dinosaurs in their virtual Dino Kingdom.

A Dino Keeper experience has also been created using AR technology, so you can step into their world to interact and feed dinosaurs the correct food.

As you trek through the woods of the kingdom, watch out for the show-stopping holographic displays that bring dinosaurs back to life in true size. Using state-of-the-art holographic naked eye 3D technology, the immersive experience will transport you back to their pre-historic environment, so you can experience roaming and co-existing alongside the beautiful beasts, in a way that you would never have imagined and has never been done before.

Let your imagination run wild, in the ultimate family experience, as you trek through the prehistoric kingdom. Here you’ll meet and interact with life-sized dinosaurs and other creatures – including a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex and the biggest installation, the Apatosaurus towers above at 18metres long. Children of all ages will be in awe of animatronic dinosaurs as they blend into the paths, ponds, gardens, woodlands and greenery of the park.

Enjoy thrilling fairground rides for all the family, as well as educational experiences, including an excavation sand pit, dinosaur eggs, fossils, volcanoes, a giant dinosaur skeleton head and a walk-through fossil tunnel. Dino Kingdom trekkers can take a well-earned break and refuel with the wide offering of food and drink options and idyllic picnicking areas.

Dino Kingdom will be open to the public every day from Friday 23rd July until Sunday 8th August 2021.

The park will open from 10am till 7pm every day, with hourly entry slots.


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