12 cheap places to fly to this Autumn from Manchester Airport

It might all be kicking off in the Ryanair offices, with flights getting cancelled left, right and centre so people can, ironically, have their holidays - but that doesn’t mean that there still aren't some great deals this Autumn so you can get away from home, work and those dreaded Christmas adverts.

By Ben Brown | 26 September 2017

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Great aperitifs, fantastic gelato and enough activities to fill a Lonely Planet guide book – Milan is a great place to visit to get that ‘European City Break’ experience that you’ve been craving so much. Unlike many other cities, Milan has seemingly escaped the plight of the plucky Hen & Stag’s and so is a perfect place to relax, enjoy good food, good wine and soak up some Italian culture.

From £73pp return


Home of the very famous ham, which is constantly in competition with Billy Bear for the coveted crown of The Best Ham in the World, Palma is of course located on the island of Majorca. Majorca – home of the typical shops full of tat, including huge cigars, penis shaped lilos and knock-off Ray Bans – as well as restaurants who will happily serve you a Roast Dinner with chips on the beach while Only Fools and Horses plays on the widescreen. Brilliant.

From £96pp return


I’ve never been to Oslo and I don’t know much about it to be fair. When I look on the Internet though it looks really good. Seems you can expect a massive increase in new trendy bars, bistros, coffee joints and restaurants – all located in a vibrant, expanding city. Some people say it’s expensive, but so is England, and with only £41 for the flight, you’ll have a bit more spending money innit.

From £41pp return


I’ve been to Frankfurt approximately 4 times. It was just the airport though. But if that has any bearing on what the actual city is like then it will probably be very clean, a little bit futuristic and the perfect place to buy the greatest selection of Haribo known to man. I’m sure there’s loads of stuff to see and do, but I’ve just drunk a Smirnoff Ice and cannot be bothered researching it. Just go. The flight is only 30 quid you cheapskate.

From £31pp return


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you go to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin – you’re in for a disappointment. They don’t even make Guinness there – it’s just a 5 story warehouse full of Guinness adverts with a snide bar at the top. As long as you avoid this place (and perhaps sell a kidney to buy some drinks) you will have a brilliant time.

From £29pp return


I’m getting a bit bored now, and although it’s not actually the last destination in this list, it’s the last one I’m writing. It’s Eindhoven and I’ve never been, and frankly never really thought of going. At only around 40 quid return though I can imagine it’s a great place to spend an October weekend, and a quick Google search reveals a pretty lovely looking city which is probably miles better than Amsterdam with all its smacked up tourists.

From £42pp return


Belgium’s capital may have struggled in recent times due to seemingly constant terrorist threats and events, but you really shouldn’t let that affect your decision to visit what is one of the best capital cities in the world – and with flights as cheap as they are – you should really get involved. Cheap Belgian beer is pretty much my main reason for visiting, but there’s also loads of cultural things to see too I’m sure. Oh and the chips. The chips are fit.

From £20pp return


I must admit to never having visited Naples, but I’ve heard it is one of the craziest, most unique cities you can visit in Italy, probably even the world. Winding streets packed with Vespa’s, street food and people arguing while putting their washing out – that’s pretty much what I envisage it’s like – so it’s probably nothing like that. It’s mega cheap to go so I should probably book it and find out for myself.

From £27pp return


I have a feeling that the flights to Faro may be mega cheap because it might not be very hot around this time of year – but that shouldn’t dissuade you from visiting. This bustling town on the coast is a great base in which to explore the rest of the Algarve, with Lagos only a short train journey away and some of the most spectacular coastal regions and beaches in Europe right on the doorstep.

From £40pp return


If you’ve got a beard, some of them awful Clark’s shoes and enjoy things that other people haven’t heard of yet then you’ve probably already been to Berlin and in fact, go all the time. To be fair you probably find it too commercial now and feel that the original spirit of the city has been lost amongst the large crowds of young Brits that flood through on a weekly basis. It’s all because of them damn cheap flights. Uh-oh!

From £61pp return


Being an Irish company, obviously Ryanair will smash out these kind of flights around 30 times a day, but if Dublin is too expensive then you’ve always got Shannon – conveniently located on the other side of Ireland and a massive contrast to the capital. Just a few miles from the town of Limerick, Shannon is perfect for a few days of holiday action, featuring everything you would need in a few short days including Tayto crisps, pints of Carling and a particularly spectacular industrial estate.

From £29pp return


Having visited Lisbon with ‘the lads’ I think it’s safe to say that we were all very impressed with the city and what it had to offer. There’s a ton of bars and clubs, where the price of drinks will make you feel like you’ve woken up in 1973, as well as a fantastic selection of restaurants and food. Those Nata custard tarts are pretty much heaven, as it a nice cold pint of Sagres. What are you waiting for?

From £60pp return

* Prices correct as of 22nd Sept 2017