From Manchester to: Sherwood Forest

When we were invited to Sherwood Forest it seemed like a nice wholesome weekend...until I read that the stay was to be based on Hygge! I need to do my research...‘hygge’ – a word which translates to “enjoying life’s simple pleasures” and involves getting cosy at home.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 28 July 2017

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Being a city career girl, when people mentioned the word Hygge, I thought, here comes another trendy fad alongside Yoga, Meditation and becoming a Vegan!

When we were invited to Sherwood Forest it seemed like a nice wholesome weekend…until I read that the stay was to be based on Hygge! I need to do my research…‘hygge’ – a word which translates to “enjoying life’s simple pleasures” and involves getting cosy at home. Whether it be relaxing by candle light, snuggling with a sheepskin throw, or even more simplistic things like a good cup of tea. Hygge is about appreciating the simple things in life. Okay! This sounds quite good and something that doesn’t involve me starving, exercising or saving animals!

In this case, it was about getting cosy in a cabin surrounded by trees in the middle of Sherwood Forest. These purpose built wood cabins equipped with log fires and outdoor hot tubs encourage the “Hygge” way of life! The cabins are in various sizes to accommodate families, friends and hounds.

This trendy Danish movement describes a mood whether it’s making coffee, or dinner by candle light, Hygge is being aware of a good moment no matter how simple. That good moment was arriving down a mood path with the car filled with booze and good food to enjoy a stripped back weekend, away from the hectic city buzz and to quite frankly “be at one with nature” (and wine!)

Cabins are placed strategically so you do not need to see another soul for the rest of your stay! Arriving, there is a scrabble board set up in the middle of the living space, floor to ceiling windows overlooking the forest and all the amenities to make your Danish den. Light some candles and pour some wine. There is something quite liberating about sitting in a hot tub, at midnight, in pitch black, in the middle of the woods! Not sure this was the kind of activity that Robin Hood would have undertaken with his merry men but all the same I was realising this was pretty Hygge!

Other than the hot tub, and a walk round the woods, we didn’t do much more. I had to settle with the fact that I would need to enjoy my surroundings and actually talk to my husband! Forest Holidays’ luxury woodland cabins are the perfect place relax, you’re bound to feel cosy tucked away in your cabin looking out at the forest. The Forest Retreat shop located moments from your cabin is a friendly pit stop with locally sourced products, basic amenities and the perfect place to buy extra logs for the fire, treats and things for a snug night in.

So, we had unpacked the car, slipped into our dressing gown and slippers, cranked up the heating and ordered a film, so what next, back to Hygge and the commandments of this Danish lifestyle…

Cosiness – well the cabin is certainly toasty when coming in from the great outdoors.
Charm – yep, the scenery of birds, squirrels, and being situated in the middle of Sherwood Forrest.
Relax – so, it took a while to get used to the unwind but by the end I did feel all earthy and zen.

The days were filled with walks and wine in the forest. Plenty of nice spots to enjoy a picnic or take in the surroundings by bike. Visit the “Bug Hotel” to meet the local creepy crawlies or lastly pretend to be a medieval folk figure with a go at archery. By night, either stock up your cabin with cheese boards and wine or arrange a pizza or curry delivered to your cabin then sit in the hot tub under the stars.

I am not going to pack my case and head to Denmark, nor am I going to eliminate the technology in my life but the weekend away is definitely recommended for a wind down escape to be with family and friends and remember the important things in life.

What’s more, I can find these Hygge cabins in 9 different locations and fury friends and children are welcome. (Locations – Ardgarten in Argyll and Strathyre, Scotland, Blackwood Forest, Hampshire Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, Thorpe Forest, Norfolk, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, Keldy and Cropton, North Yorkshire).

A Silver Birch cabin with hot tub sleeping 4 costs from £550 for a 3 night weekend, with 10% off all April bookings.

Go to for full price range and details.