From Manchester to: Valencia

Valencia has to be one of the most understated city break destination's on the planet.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 28 July 2017

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Valencia has to be one of the most understated city break destination’s on the planet. The sheer variety of culture and heritage versus modern and down right futuristic is a pleasure to behold.


I’m going to start with the rather large and shiny elephant in the room. See above. This is not what I expected to see. The city or arts and sciences in Valencia is one of the most striking and ultimately instagramable places I’ve ever been, and when you put Valencia in the tag the comments are somewhere near: “As if that is in Valencia!!!!”

The next most ridiculously elegant thing in Valencia has to be the river bed park that spans right down the side of the city and ends at the spaceships above. A brilliantly green and vibrantly flowered park with family’s, runners and cyclist weaving along it’s paths. There’s even a truly enormous Gulliver pinned down in the middle which is actually a children’s play area. Google It.



The old town centre is achingly beautiful with many a church and cathedral building ornately decorated and streets to wind through of an afternoon and evening. The beach – yes beach – is reminiscent of an 80’s Miami all be it a little dilapidated, but there are palm trees, jeeps and colourful houses lining a lovely stretch of coastline.



Scandinavian influence has also hit Valencia with plenty of slick looking restaurants and bars to spend your nights in. We split our time between that and some of the more established businesses that have been serving particularly good sea food to decades and look fantastic to boot.