Walks Near Manchester: Abney Hall Park

The grounds of Abney Hall in Cheadle aren’t exactly the best kept path and woodland I’ve seen, but for an hour or two in the sun it’s well worth a wander.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 27 July 2022

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Built in 1847, probably the main attraction of Abney is the Abney Hall, an impressive structure that used to house the former Mayor of Stockport. Prince Albert stayed at the Hall in 1857, as well as Agatha Christie, who wrote ‘The Tale of the Christmas Pudding’ and ‘After the Funeral’ while staying there.

The Hall is surrounded by a large open park space highly suitable for adults, children and animals with the added bonus of the Abney Café.

With an almost hippy like approach to giving love to an old knackered council building, the Abney Cafe is covered in flowers, both real and painted, the inside is a site to behold. The children’s play area with toys to use is a great touch for parents with young children and if you’re looking for a 99p self proclaimed “90’s style” ice-cream then this is the place for you.

The circular pathways weave around the 2 small lakes / large ponds, across the dry marshland and past grazing areas for some rather impressive Jersey cattle.

My advice is a head down with a selection of chilled beers / bottle of wine, grab a barm for lunch at the café and park yourself on the benches outside for a couple of hours of peace and quiet. Though expect the Abney Café to serenade you with some classic Madchester tunes.


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