Walks Near Manchester: The Poynton Canal Trail

Poynton is on the cusp of being the next big place to be and it's proximity to the Macclesfield Canal is one reason why.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 27 July 2022

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Poynton, Romiley and Marple Bridge all boast the enviable and elusive position of “semi-rural.” 20 mins commute in Manchester via well serviced train stations and striking distance of The Peaks and Goyt Valley but that’s not all, they have 1 extra bit of bragging rights on their doorsteps – The Canal.

Parking at Nelsons Pit you’re straight onto the canal but there are limited spots, plenty of on-street parking near by does tend to fill up on the weekends but you’re generally guaranteed a spot somewhere if you head over before 12pm.

The first stop is Bailey’s Trading Post, a great spot for a brew and a snack and you’re on your way. Now, the main thing to consider here is your direction.

North and you’re heading to Jacksons Brickworks (worth a stroll around) or south and you’re down towards Pott Shrigley, arguably south is the prettier way to go but just come twice and do both.

The canal boats look great on a nice crisp day, gentle plumbs of smoke rise from their wood burners and the water shimmers as the ducks meander by.

As a bit of a side note here – and this threw me from a geography perspective – but if you head east across the bridge at Nelsons Pit, you get to the western side of Lyme Park. More on that in another post as it’s a cracking walk.

My route advice is simple – wander along the canal side down to Lyme View Marina and then circle back via the Middlewood Way. If you’re feeling more adventurous cross over one of the bridges into the adjoining fields and there’s plenty of trails to keep you busy on the opposite side of the canal, just be sure you’re not on private land.

Once you’ve earned your lunch, there are a few options in Poynton but the stand out option and my go-to hidden gem has – and I dare say always will be – Cofano Caffe. Order the Spec Panini on one of the daily special pasta dishes, you’re welcome.

There more further options from the canal and Middlewood-way in the form of Poynton Coppice, who doesn’t love a short stroll around a small wooded area?!