The Rocky Horror Show Celebrates 40 Years

Finest caught up with Sam Attwater to find out what festivities lie in store for Rocky fans and how he was finding the UK tour.

By Matthew Tyas | Last updated 21 June 2013

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“Don’t dream it, be it!”


Former Eastenders actor and Dancing on Ice champion Sam Attwater is back in Manchester as The Rocky Horror Show makes a welcome return to the city after a short visit earlier this year. Attwater stars as geeky Brad Majors in the cult musical which is celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary this month with a host of special events taking place at Manchester’s Palace Theatre 17th-22nd June.
Manchester’s Finest caught up with Sam in between rehearsals to find out what festivities lie in store for Rocky fans and how he was finding the UK tour.

MF: So Sam, Rocky Horror fans are known for wanting to get involved in the show and heckle the actors on stage with ad-libs. What’s it like having to keep a straight face and carry on whilst that happens?

SA: Well it can put you off sometimes but it is a good thing as I find it really keeps you on your toes and also keeps the energy at a high.

MF: In the film version of the show Brad doesn’t have a solo number but he does in the stage version is that a great opportunity for you?

SA: Yes I love getting the chance to do a solo as Brad and it always goes down well with the audience. It’s a really laid back song which changes the mood of the show. I have to admit I’m tempted to surprise everyone and have it made into a dance mix one time – kick a beat to it!

MF: And how are you finding wearing the stockings and suspenders?

SA: Ha ha I’m loving it! It’s not something I’ve experienced before I have to say and I don’t mind wearing them at all. The women in the audience are very complimentary. It still takes me a while to get used to the feeling that I’m onstage wearing hardly any clothes though.

MF: Now there’s a big rumour that creator of The Rocky Horror Show Richard O’Brien will be paying the show a visit as it celebrates its anniversary at The Palace. Have you met him yet?


SA: No I haven’t but, like everyone else, I’m really hoping he will turn up to the 40th Anniversary Party as I know we would all love to see him there, so yes it would be great to meet him.

MF: Were you a fan of the show before?

SA: I was and still am a big fan of the film and I’d seen it a few times before I auditioned for the role. I remember watching it and wanting to play Brad out of all the characters so I feel really lucky to now be playing him.

MF: So, what’s next for you Sam?

SA: I’m starring as Adam in the UK tour of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers straight after the Rocky Horror Show tour ends. Although I’ve heard Arsenal are looking for a new striker so you never know I might try my luck there! (smiles)

Check out our video interview with Sam here:


Some of the highlights of the events taking place during the 40th Anniversary Week include:

Cast Question Time. 10pm
Hosted by Philip Franks who plays The Narrator. Free to ticketholders.
Don’t Dream It, Be It! Winners Performance. During the show
The winners of the Don’t Dream It, Be It! Open Auditions, Jenna and Matt, will be taking to the stage in the finale to bring their own kind of Rocky Horror glitter to the show for one night only.
WEDNESDAY 19 JUNE                                           
Time Warp Dance Tutorial. 12pm – 12.30pm / 2pm – 2.30pm (On Stage)
Join Rocky Horror Show’s choreographer Nathan Wright at his drop-in Time Warp Tutorials. Free of charge.

The Rocky Horror Show
Palace Theatre Manchester