NEW Plans for a 'Town Centre' in the Heart of Salford Quays

There's a brand-new vision for Salford Quays, one that looks to shape the area for the next decade...

By Manchester's Finest | 17 February 2022

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Salford City Council have unveiled a set of principles and a vision for the future of Salford Quays, one that will “contextualise how the area is changing” and look at what “key aspects remain important to shape its essence and future trajectory.”

The updated ‘vision’ for the Quays will be shaped by 5 key principles aimed at creating:

– A place that puts people at the centre
– A place that works for everyone
– A place that’s dedicated to wellbeing
– A place where creativity brings people together
– A place that celebrates its past

The overarching idea is to make residential areas quieter and boost footfall in the public spaces, which is where the proposal of a new Town Centre comes in – an area stretching from MediaCityUK to Cotton Quay. The creation of a town centre would encourage more markets, events and see a major upgrade of existing public spaces.

At the heart of the town centre will be an all-weather, permanent outdoor structure that can be used for events, as well as a place for children to play. Plans also include an improvement to existing facilities and more free and low-cost activities in the area.

Further collaborations with The Lowry will also aim to develop the area’s public art programme, while partnering with developers to utilise existing ground floor spaces in residential and office towers for leisure use.

The plans are all part of the Council’s plans that involve dividing the Quays into three distinct areas; Living, Live/Working and Leisure.