Things to do in Manchester this week: 24th - 30th March 2017

There's something for everyone in this week’s round up - usually it's just things that I enjoy but there's a few here that I would absolutely despise - I think finally I'm beginning to learn not to be so selfish all the time.

By Ben Brown | 23 March 2017

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There’s something for everyone in this week’s round up – usually it’s just things that I enjoy but there’s a few here that I would absolutely despise – I think finally I’m beginning to learn not to be so selfish all the time. It must be because I watched Beauty and the Beast at the cinema – its message is rubbing off on me. Anyway, enjoy the list…


Found Footage Festival
Friday 24th March @ 19:30

This is the first I’ve ever heard of the Found Footage Festival but it appears to be in its 8th tour and sounds absolutely brilliant. Basically, these two Yanks will come over, head to The Zoo off Oxford Road and present some newly unearthed VHS videos that they’ve found in charity shops throughout the US. I’m presuming they then talk about the clips and make some jokes and generally have a laugh – like the funny bits in Tarrant on TV – not the serious bit just before the break. Anyway, they tell you to expect a collection of satanic panic videos from the 80s, outtakes and on-air bloopers from local news plus much more.

Tickets are £13.50
The Zoo, 126 Grosvenor St, M1 7HL


Arts & Crafts @ Manchester Cathedral
Saturday 25th March from 10am – 15.30

With over 70 traders, live entertainment, a gin bar and free entrance, this Arts & Crafts fair sounds like a great place to wander around on Saturday. Located within the stunning Manchester Cathedral, don’t feel that you need to be religious or stop your dirty thoughts to go – I seriously doubt there will be much in the way of preaching here – especially with plenty of Gin flapping around. It’s also going to be a million times better than going shopping in the Arndale, not only will you be supporting local artists and businesses but you won’t get trampled on by a Mad-Max style gang of 12 year olds outside Claire’s Accessories.

Manchester Cathedral, Victoria Street, M3 1SX


Pop Bubble Rock
Saturday 25th March 11pm til 4am @ Joshua Brooks/Versions

This Saturday if you’re looking for a top night of drinks and dancing you should head down to the Pop Bubble Rock! vs Emo Disco over at Joshua Brooks because you will be sure to have a brilliant time – with “banging tunes” ranging from Pop to Punk to Emo to Hip-hop. There’s decent drinks promotions, as well as free pizza and candy floss too. This night is also in aid of a charity – We Are Hummingbird who aim to create awareness about mental health issues and try to break some of the taboos that still exist. As such there will also be councillors onsite at the club night who can provide anything from a friendly high-five right up to helping people get the support they need. I’m all for that.

Entrance is £6
Joshua Brooks/Versions, 106 Princess Street, M1 6NG


Manchester Bike Show
Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th March

Another week and another event over at Event City – I suppose the name says it all really doesn’t it. Although it’s definitely not a city. So you can expect over 100 exhibitors of everything bike related – and we’re talking about the motorised ones here, not the pedal ones. If you love bikes, love to wear the massive leather outfits, love wearing a helmet while whizzing down the motorway at 110mph, love skidding off and ripping all the skin off your arse, then get on down to the Bike Show and get chatting to other like-minded people and have a swoon over some bikes. There’ll be hundreds of rare, exotic and classic motorbikes to check out, as well as music and entertainment, stunt shows and “special guest stars”. Wonder who they are?!

Tickets on the day are £17 Adult, £4 Child
EventCity, Phoenix Way, off Barton Dock Road, M41 7TB


Mother’s Day
Sunday 26th March, All Day

So here is your advance warning for Mother’s Day – it’s this Sunday – and regardless of the fact that it’s a rubbish day designed to sell cards in a disgustingly wasteful capitalist society – your mam is not going to be too happy if you don’t sort her out and get her something special. She will probably start spitting in your cheese butties when you’re not looking. So here is a roundup of events and specials happening in Manchester on this special day. Enjoy.


The Commitments
Monday 27th March – Friday 7th April

Me and me mam were watching the film of The Commitments last week and although it now looks like it’s been made by a 17 year old Media Studies student, it’s a great film full of laughs and some great songs. If you are someone who enjoys belting out ‘Mustang Sally’ to a room full of people on the karaoke, or even if you just enjoy hearing the Irish accent – get yourself down to the Palace Theatre and catch the stage show. It’s been in the West End for a few years now and so they’ve decided to let the rest of us watch it – tickets are still available for many of the showings, especially mid-week. Oh and Manchester legend Curly Watts (Kevin Kennedy) is in it.

Tickets start at £21.90
Palace Theatre, 97 Oxford St, Manchester M1 6FT


Gin ‘n Swing
Wednesday 29th March, 7.30pm – 10pm

Since The Great Gatsby came out at the cinema there’s been a huge interest in the 20’s and the decadence of the period. There’s been a big increase in themed nights featuring them flapper girls and blokes in shit pin-stripe suits drinking in ‘prohibition’ venues while some Ye Olde Music plays. Not one to be left behind, The Pen and Pencil are running a Gin ‘n Swing night this Wednesday where The Prohibition Swing Club will play some authentic swing music, including blues, boogie woogie and the dreaded jazz, while they serve copious amounts of gin and tonics. At £3 each all night – those G ‘n T’s should flow all night, or at least until the band stop playing at half ten. There’s also an option to have a Banquet meal as well for £15 per person if you get hungry.

Entrance is £3 (and includes a Gin and Tonic)
The Pen and Pencil, Fourways House, 57 Hilton St, M1 2EJ


Searching for Sugar Man
Thursday 30th March @ 7pm

If you’ve not seen Searching for Sugar Man then great – you’re in for a treat this Thursday at Band on the Wall. It’s pretty much one of the best music documentaries ever made, chronicling the efforts of two South African blokes in finding out information on American musician Sixto Rodriguez. It’s probably best not to tell you too much more, but expect a brilliantly interesting couple of hours while watching this BAFTA and Oscar winning feature. It’s only £3 to get in which is loads cheaper than buying the DVD, but more expensive than stealing it off Pirate Bay.

Band on the Wall Film Club, 25 Swan St, The Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 5JZ


Planet Rock Vinyl Bashment Party
Thursday 30th March, 8pm ’til late

Odd in the NQ are putting on a big party on Thursday in celebration of Planet Rock Records and everything music and vinyl related. There’s a big list of things happening on the night including Vinyl records for sale, giveaways, a “Vic and Bob Styled Quiz”, poetry, comedy and plenty of DJing with some of the black discs of plastic that will be littered all over the place. It should be pretty good fun, and it’s free. What else is there to do on a Thursday night anyway? Stay in and watch Phil Mitchell chugg a bottle of vodka in a gutter outside the Queen Vic? Didn’t think so.

Odd, 30-32 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1ER