Want to rent an apartment in the City Centre and have a pet?! Here's how!

If anyone has ever seen the beginning of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, it's clear that city living is tough with a pet. Although it's probably not a good idea to have penguins living in your freezer and monkeys flying around, I'm sure the opportunity to have a faithful companion living in rented accommodation is something most people would relish.

By Ben Brown | 31 August 2017

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With almost every single flat advert clearly stating ‘NO PETS’, you’d be happy to know that The Slate Yard is the first rental apartment block in the City Centre to allow pets to stay, opening its doors to both residents and their furry friends.

The Perks
The Slate Yard wanted to make sure that if you’re moving to the city, your little buddies can come too. So you and your companion will be able to happily settle in and enjoy all of the perks that the stylish community has to offer, ranging from the spacious, modern apartments and a brilliant residents’ lounge, to the ability to step outside and be right in the heart of Manchester.

The Guidelines
As expected, there are some minor guidelines to follow such as keeping your faithful companion on its lead when you’re in communal areas – this ensures all residents and pets remain safe and comfortable. Once you’re in your apartment or outside the premises, your pet is free to roam!
Rabbits, cats and dogs are welcome but some of the more exotic animals out there may not be accepted. Perhaps it’s a good idea to just leave that horse at your mum and dad’s house and not try to get it installed on the balcony.

The Application
All residents will have to fill out a few forms, and the pets will be subject to a risk assessment. Sadly, not all pets will be accepted, but the pet policy will provide a clear outline regarding which animals are accepted into the building, and the team are happy to offer some advice before you decide to become a Slate Yard resident.

To find out more about the pet policy, contact The Slate Yard team here.

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