Annie Mac Presents (Part 2) At The Warehouse Project: Review

The Warehouse Project has been raising the bar since 2006 and this year’s season kicked off in September with LCD Soundsystem’s iconic comeback gig, following that there has been some cracking nights.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 13 October 2017

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Annie Mac took over for the second night running with Part 2. Under the arches at Store Street, the former air raid shelter hidden under Piccadilly station, a place full of sweaty ravers, sticky floors, and grubby toilets that is the perfect setting for the Warehouse Project. Tonight is a monster line up, that offers something for everyone; Dusky, Heidi, Midland, Artwork, Tiga and more.

Off to a perfect start in Room 1 it’s Artwork, and as it’s fairly early it’s quiet and there is plenty of room to dance. Artwork were doing a great job of warming up the crowd with a toned down version of his usual heavier sound.

As the clock struck midnight it was time to head over to check out Room 3 – found through the maze like pathway tucked away under some more brick arches at the back of Store Street. The arches are covered in camo giving a bunker feel to the room – making it more intimate, yet keeping a big atmosphere.

We catch the last half hour of ‘Ross from Friends’ with a name as good as this you need to have something special to back it up. Felix Weatherall (AKA Ross from Friends) gives a mix of fast-paced melodic house tracks and some fresh experimental tunes with some hip-hop sampling, he makes a huge impact on tonight’s line up so far.

2am arrives. The smoking area empties and the bar area clears as everyone flocks to Room 1 for Mrs Mac Part 2. Its sardines with young clubbers and the energy is high straight away. There are blinding flashes along the brick arches as Mac shows off her versatility, playing a fusion of feel good classics and on trend tracks, with a disco theme carried through.

For the last ten years, Mac has built up a reputation as one of Radio 1’s finest DJ’s with her Friday night show but she is just as comfortable in front of a live crowd showing us why she’s the dance music’s leading lady. Its good vibes throughout her set.

Dusky is next up to take over the decks in Room 1 with his much loved euphoric house and techno. Moving from one DJ to another over in Room 2 for Midland b2b with Paul Woolford. Its Thumping techno from this duo and they are loving the crowd almost as much as each other’s company. A playful set sees them cover most of the stage and set the tone ready for Heidi to take over.

We have a good spot in Room 2 as Heidi sets up. She immediately takes charge of the decks as she grabs people’s attention straight away with a bass monster ‘kill frenzy – push up’. A quick shift around of the stage and she has a fan at her side sipping pink champagne with her blonde curly locks blowing around enjoying a rave. As she unleashes 3am deep techno in the lengthy brick arched car park (by day) hands held high as Room 2 is bouncing until the end.

Clubbers travel from across the country to soak up this famous Manchester club scene. Over the next few months DJ’s and producers such as Jamie xx, Jamie Jones, Bicep, Chemical Brothers take over the brick arches. It’s only on for 4 months a year so don’t miss out on what is promised to be a big night out.

Have a look at the full line up here: