The Best Manchester Music Videos Right Now: October 2018

Autumn's here and you won't be-leaf the amount of tunes that dropped this month.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 26 October 2018

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And video-wise it’s been more lit than a jack-o-lantern. Pretty hard to pick such a small selection, so it came down to who had the biggest conkers, and budgets to get featured, only joking, but seriously, send me money. Here’s what’s been going down…

Chimpo x DRS x Slay x Ragoloco | No Trust
Video by Tarnish Vision

Definitely been the anthem of the past few weeks and will be sticking about for a while yet. A fine selection of Mancunian Dons bring an authentic jungle sound to 2018, a real doff of the cap to a genre misunderstood in so many recent remake attempts (not saying names). Lyrics-wise, soulfully uplifting with some energetic bouncing bars to keep you on your toes whilst keeping subject matter relevant throughout. The sort of tune you can drop at 2.30 am in the middle of a jungle rave yet still play to your mum, she might even be at the rave, I dunno, not met her. Oh and look our for my cameo too.

Whiney (feat. Hugh Hardie & Truthos Mufasa)  | Triple Duppy Demon
Video by Ellis Meade

Right, don’t think I can remember hearing a tune which has taken me through so many emotions in 4 minutes. 1 second it’s straight head nodding then a little “lol” followed by a moment of “what the fuck is going on”, loads of vocal switch ups keeping it fresh. The eeriness of the track itself is complimented by a more than fitting video which could be filmed in either hell or a Funhouse in Amsterdam, either way, someones getting fucked up. Top stuff from Truthos Mufasa, total G.

Sleazy F Baby | Black Freestyle

Mad that I’ve not featured Sleazy yet, always on point. Flow on this one is dope though, just dead good stripped-back hip hop and crisp sounding production from Tyler Daley keeping it Mancunian and on repeat in the old walkman.

Blind Mic | Like Me

This one, got real instruments in it, mental I know, guitars, remember them? Holding on to those last summer rays with this sleepy laid back track, perfect for a bit of star gazing in those Autumn nights.

LEVELZ | Respect Respect
Video by STEMFOUR and Joe Vickers

Propping up this month’s selection and probably a few bars around the city centre, the LEVELZ lot dropped this at the start of October. Tribal sounding rhythms from some pretty tribal guys and very unique video make for one of the crew’s best releases to date, went down a treat at their recent Boiler Room performance.