Cloud Boat & No Ceremony///

Fantastic new band Cloud Boat, support No Ceremony/// at Sacred Heart Church, Salford, Thursday 5th July. Here we listen to their new EP.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 5 July 2012

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It seems that as part of some sort of cosmic love yin yan balance, to compensate for a summer of overcast dreariness and humid stiffleness, the gospel according to twitter, is sending me numerous fantastic band suggestions.

First it was Alt-J, then No Ceremony/// and now, in a true seamless link of musical harmony, come Cloud Boat.

As part of another fantastic line-up by Now Wave, supporting No Ceremony///’s first headline show this Thursday 5th July at Sacred Trinity Church, Salford, Cloud Boat will be bringing to events, a truly delicate and amazingly subtle blend of reflective-acoustic-shoe-gaze-electro.

According to Dazed Digital, they have already been hand picked by James Blake and Mount Kimbre for their tour support, and they are following the Salford date with a host of European dates.

Their EP, now released on R&S Records features two tracks: Lions On The Beach and Bastion. Bastion is beautifully lo-fi. It is acoustically driven with a slow but heavy heartbeat drum over processed, sample based industrial sounds. The male lead vocals are meaningful and reverbed giving the overall effect you are hearing someone pour out their soul inside a disused warehouse filling with rain.

Lions On The Beach has a more driving and constant pace. This time the heartbeat is post sprint, though the sounds as delicately industrial; at points you feel almost as if you are dancing euphorically to the sounds of a rhythmic typewriter. The vocals on this track are vague and ethereal, but no less emotive for it.

Both songs on the EP, while full of aural intricacies, are explored within an expansive sonic space that is extremely atmospheric and very addictive. I really look forward to seeing them perform such a hauntingly interesting sound in the Sacred Trinity Church tomorrow and cannot think of a more suitable opener for No Ceremony///.