Guilty Pleasures: Sailors vs Pirates

Ah life on the ocean waves. The freedom of the vast open sea stretched out in front of you.

By Lee Isherwood | 2 March 2012

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Ah life on the ocean waves. The freedom of the vast open sea stretched out in front of you. Wind in the sails and your hair. Massive storms, violent seasickness and flesh eating creatures swimming dangerously close to your fibreglass vessel. Ah the ocean, what a beautiful beast thou art.Upon these waves lie the two tribes of the water world – the clean and tidy Sailors of the navy and the bunch of criminals, ragamuffins and shampoo dodgers who are the Pirates. And it is those two tribes who will face battle across the dancefloor at our nautical endeavour at the Ruby Lounge on Saturday 10th March at the Sailors vs. Pirates party – aargh!

Navigating their way through these dangerous waters, swigging grog and singing shanties will be the ship shape cabin crew that provide the ships entertainment:

Captain Birdseye Sean Rowley
Shanty singing siren Anna Greenwood
Mystical mermaid Jane Weaver

Before embarking aboard the good ship GP, may we recommend dressing for the occasion depending which tribe you choose to pledge your allegiance: be it the well turned out, brass buttoned, fond-of-a-stripey-top rank and file of naval crew, or the unkempt, eye patch wearing, cutlass waving, homemade tattoo’d pirate crew. If you prefer to remain neutral to the sparring sorts then all mysterious creatures from the deep, merfolk or marine mammals are welcome on deck for a hornpipe and swig of grog.

So batten down the hatches, man the lifeboats and prepare for a gale force of POP as we set sail into the sunset on our maiden voyage – all aboard!

Guilty Pleasures: Sailors vs. Pirates
Saturday 10th March
Ruby Lounge
10pm – 3am
£10 / £8 advance
Tickets and information –