Socially Safe Clubbing is Coming to the Northern Quarter

From the creators of La Discotheque...

By Manchester's Finest | 21 July 2020

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I’m sure that by now you’ve seen the posters for the Puffin Box dotted around the city centre. If not – here’s one for you…

So, what is it?!

Well, after a couple of weeks of wondering what it is – I have all the information for you right here. It’s a bit of a weird one but it also sounds pretty amazing. Oh, and it’s from the people behind La Discotheque so you can be guaranteed a good time…

Puffin Box is ‘a rave in a box’ where you can immerse yourself in an electrifying 90-minute mini clubbing experience within your own social bubble.

It offers a “socially-distanced immersive raving experience“, with five cubed ‘Puffin Boxes’ which surround the DJs and performers. The boxes will hold up to eight guests at a time and are complete with a fully-stocked fridge of pre-ordered drinks packages, comfy sofas, poseur table and dance floor space.

Each session will have a maximum capacity of forty guests, and at the end of each session the boxes will be cleaned before welcoming the next set of guests. Expect the very best light, sound and music with takeovers from both renowned local and international club brands and DJ collectives each session.

At the core of Puffin Box is to support music, hospitality and events industry workers with paid work whilst simultaneously creating a safe environment for music lovers to come together.

Everything will be starting on Friday 7th August, with a packed month of takeovers from some of the city’s best nights and promoters including Hit & Run, Kaluki, Funkademia, Joy Social vs High, Hoops, Zutekh, So Flute, Ghosts of Garage, Bad Fun, Hip Hop / Hula, Love Dose and La Discothèque.

Co-founder of Puffin Box, Kat Warburton said: “As the spiritual home of rave, we’re so excited to launch Puffin Box in Manchester. While we can’t go to stereotypical raves in the city we have to adapt, so here we have a rave in a box.

“Manchester’s a buzzing city and everyone’s desperate to get back out but still stay safe, so this is exactly what we’re offering – ace music, exciting entertainment, decent drinks packages, a space for people to enjoy a mini-clubbing experience with friends in a safe and controlled environment.”

Co-founder of Puffin Box, Natalie Lea said: “As the hospitality industry slowly recovers, it’s so important to support DJs, performers, sound and light engineers as much as we can, and with Puffin Box we can offer opportunities for those in need of work.

“We’ll be partnering with loads of amazing artists, collectives and brands, both local and international, we can’t wait to reveal it all very soon.”

Puffin Box will be running from 4.15pm – 11pm every Thursday & Friday and 12.45pm – 11pm every Saturday & Sunday across eight weeks.

For more information and to book – check out their site below…

Puffin Box