Die Hexen, Retro Bar, Manchester

Manchester photographer Shay Rowen shares his thought and pictures from the most recent Die Hexen gig at Retro Bar

By Manchester's Finest | 10 December 2012

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Manchester photographer Shay Rowan shares his thought and pictures from the most recent Die Hexen gig at Retro Bar on 29th November for “Dancing and Laughing” 

From behind the black lace mask that stretches across her porcelain white features a flicker of light dances over her eyes.

Statuesque and stunningly attractive she stands motionless in a figure hugging outfit of black, her cloaked sleeves drape from her outstretched arms further emphasizing her ‘creature of the night’ appearance.

D Lucille Campbell’s deep and hauntingly distinctive voice floats like a dark mist carrying it’s messages of love, loss and loneliness weaving it through the ebbing layers of synths and percussion provided by her musical collaborator Sophie Gug.

No words are spoken between songs and nor are they needed as that would be to shatter the atmosphere created by Die Hexen in sound and vision as they combine theatricality with a stark, minimal and icy delivery on songs like “Valhalla” with it’s funereal pace and deliciously dark lyrics:


“I kiss you through my veil
I struggle to exhale
We dance along the sands
You’re slipping through my hands
You cut through my skin”


Die Hexen are creating something entrancing, exciting and original – step into their world and see.

To listen to Die Hexen visit Soundcloud, for further information visit their Facebook page
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