FAC51 The Hacienda Comes To Depot Mayfield This Saturday...

Featuring Hacienda Classical, Soul II Soul , A Certain Ratio & more....

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 9 October 2019

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With Depot at Mayfield, The Warehouse Project’s new venue now some three weeks old, next weekend sees a takeover from Manchester’s most venerable clubland institution, The Hacienda as it holds a nine hour event mixing up Hacienda Classical with other live acts, Factory Records legends and some of most legendary American DJ’s.

FAC51 The Hacienda @ WHP
Saturday 12th October, 6pm

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Pitched between a festival and a club night, the line-up sees the Manchester Camerata collaboration joined by Soul II Soul and A Certain Ratio live with DJ’s including Louie Vega in his debut for the club, David Morales, Marshall Jefferson, Graeme Park. Mike Pickering, Greg Wilson, Arthur Baker, Justin Robertson & the return of Sub Sub for one night only.

The event is the biggest indoor event for The Hacienda in its home town, nearly three times the capacity of the original club and to preview the event we talked to four of the most influential DJs playing the night, to find out what they think of the brand new venue and their thoughts and preparations for the night.

Arranged around the table were Hacienda mainstay Graeme Park, the prolific Greg Wilson, ”Planet Rock” & New Order producer Arthur Baker and Sub Sub who come back together for the night to play a “total one off” DJ set at the event.

About Depot Mayfield

“I’m very excited about this event. It’s going to be an epic night. I’ve actually DJ’d here before a couple of times so I’m fully aware of the vastness of the space. I think everyone who comes is in for a real treat.” Graeme Park

“I’ve seen footage of the opening online. It’s obviously a very impressive space and the scale of it all is quite something. The line-ups suggest something more like an urban festival than just a club night, and this seems the ideal environment.” Greg Wilson

“It will be the first time I’ve been but am hearing great things, so of course I’m looking forward to playing and also getting to hearing the great line-up. I’m especially excited to catch Soul II Soul after all these years.” Arthur Baker

“We’re really looking forward to the nigh and going to have so much fun playing so old classics. We’ve never been to the venue before so we’re intrigued.” Sub Sub

“It’s going to be immense. The incredible and impressive setting will definitely evoke memories of the original Haçienda but on a much grander scale. The variety of world class DJs and the eclectic selection of music will make for a truly memorable night.” Graeme Park

About The Hacienda, Manchester & Music

“There’s ao many memories and so much history for me in Manchester, I’m naturally, of course, always thinking of friends who are no longer with us, especially Tony Wilson and Rob Gretton. One night always stood out, the May 1991 opening of the club. waiting in line at The Hacienda with Hooky and Tony and the new security not letting us in for quite a while.”

“I played my first set at The Hacienda in the basement and played a p funk set, which I actually have on a DAT somewhere.  I came to Manchester to  open for Fatboy Slim about five years ago at The Warehouse Project  and the crowd was rocking.” Arthur Baker

“The Albert Hall event earlier this year was my favourite to date, I thought there was a really nice balance in the audience ranging from people who attended The Haçienda back in the day, right through to students new to the city, eager to learn more about Manchester’s dance heritage. It’s only natural that Haçienda events in Manchester should have a special-edge.” Greg Wilson

“Every Haçienda night is always special regardless of where we host it, but the Manchester events always have a special atmosphere and a more dynamic edge because we’re playing at home. I think this event will be as close to the original Haçienda as you can get… but with added vigour.” Graeme Park

On Their Plans For The Event

“It’s going to be a very long day for me as I have to be there in the morning for my line checks and to make sure all of my equipment is hooked up correctly and working properly. There’s a lot of it too as I look after all of the electronic elements of the show. Then I have to hang around while the singers and orchestra get set up and then sound checks begin before rehearsals.

“That will leave me a couple of hours, if I’m lucky, to grab some food and rest before returning for the show. As soon as that’s over, and it’s a two hour show, I’ll start thinking about my DJ set but I know that the adrenalin and excitement of the night will keep me going. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.” Graeme Park

“I only play music from the 82-97 period when the club was open, tracks that featured at The Haçienda in their original form, but mostly re-edited or reworked versions, both my own and by other DJs. Sometimes I’ll focus purely on tracks I was playing when I had my Friday nights there in ’83, but I generally cast my web wider.” Greg Wilson

“These days I play a set that’s exclusively my own production and mixes, so expect anything from my catalogue- obviously I’ll play a northern tinged set with a few unreleased Factory remixes/remakes.” Arthur Baker

“We’ll be looking to air our favourite classics from the likes of Hot, Boys Own & Shoom parties in a total one-off appearance for us.” Sub Sub


FAC 51 The Hacienda comes to Mayfield Depot Saturday 12th October.

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