Great Friday @ Sound Control w/ Evil Nine

Our pick of the city's clubbing week focuses on two of Brighton's finest breakbeat dons.

By Martin Guttridge Hewitt | Last updated 16 April 2013

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Our pick of the city’s clubbing week focuses on two of Brighton’s finest breakbeat dons, who will be in action at one of our favourite nocturnal hotspots. All in favour say ‘Aye’.

Evil Nine

In light of the unfortunate news that Sankeys is set to close its doors for good next month it’s with some nostalgia that we looked to the forthcoming options for this Friday and Saturday. A lot has changed around these parts since 2000, and not necessarily for the better, so losing one of the area’s only constants is definitely a crying shame.

If anywhere could be seen as a potential successor, though, in our opinion it must be Sound Control. In terms of solid, purpose-designed clubs for dancing it’s certainly a fine space, perhaps the best in Cottonopolis, and the promoters therein keep booking the sort of people we want to see. As such clearly something is very right indeed.

Tomorrow- Friday April 12th- sees the return of a relative newcomer in terms of Manchester’s after dark calendar. Great Friday, arguably the most Ronseal of all house and tech focused affairs, will once again take over the building, only this time, as per the standfirst above, those responsible have decided to do things a little bit differently when compared with the North West’s usual stylistic dispositions.

Evil Nine are amongst the most exciting DJs to watch of their ilk, with Pat Pardy and Tom Beaufoy making a name for themselves via Adam Freeland’s critically lauded and punter-approved Marine Parade imprint. Originally informed by early electro and hip hop, unlike so many of their peers the pair used those foundations to explore darker, more heads down but no less funky avenues.

As anyone who heard their shockingly good Fabric:Live mix will attest to, there’s a lot going on in their sets, meaning descriptions never really cut it. That’s why we’ve embedded a Boiler Room mix from one half of the duo (Tom) below. Take a listen, and then prepare for some proper business tomorrow… as the following selection proves, it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed.

Great Friday 

Friday 12th April 2013 

@Sound Control, 1 New Wakefield Street, M1 5NP

10PM-4AM / £9 ADV – £10 OTD

Evil Nine



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