HMD embraces his moral foundation in new video 'DEEN'

HMD, pronounced Hamdi, is a Manchester producer/vocalist with roots in Somalia and Denmark.

By Manchester's Finest | 23 April 2019

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This ominous, mid-tempo banger is his first solo release of the year, centres around a wriggly, infectious flute melody and clever samples from the diaspora.

Fittingly enough, the track and its accompanying video see HMD embracing his moral foundation; religion, heritage and brotherhood.

HMD’s vocal performance sways between worlds; from patriotic wails about his hometown and family, to inaudible melodic chants, HMD utilises an off-the-wall approach that bears resemblance to the early work of Young Thug.

Speaking to Complex recently, HMD revealed that he created ‘Deen’ (Arabic for ‘faith’) during a turbulent time in his life, and that the track ‘represents focus, energy and speaking your truth.

“Being on your ‘DEEN’ is a phrase used commonly between me and the family of people around me. The video attests to that, my Somalian heritage and how they manifest itself in my music.”

HMD’s musical output began in 2017, with a string of well-received singles that included ‘Good Yute’ and ‘Baranoid’. Both were later featured on HMD’s full length project, ’W16NTER’, which featured appearances from fellow Mancunians Two4Kay and Sleazy F Baby.