"It’s like the Haçienda, but with tea” The Manchester Podcast providing a Voice to the City's Musicians

A year on - The Kicking Back podcast from Rec Rooms...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 22 February 2022

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The Kicking Back Podcast was established to provide a platform for independent artists and bands in Manchester and the North West; offering an opportunity to find their voice during an unprecedented time for the live music industry across the UK.

Rec Rooms, a bespoke Manchester-based recording studio was founded in 2021, and when lockdown hit, the independent studio turned its sights to supporting the industry it was built to represent – the resulting creative output, the Kicking Back Podcast, launched a little over year ago.

Hosted by video producer and musician Brad Ingham and co-hosted by a variety of Manchester-based artists, the not-for-profit Kicking Back Podcast has created crucial content and generated publicity for over 50 independent creatives, during a time in which their industry collapsed around them.

Built on a mentality to support, encourage and engage, the podcast has been a positive and safe outlet for the musicians and creatives of Manchester, with a core focus on mental health, providing an inclusive opportunity to talk about their art, and providing vital live and recorded content that was otherwise unavailable.

Each Podcast, the artists are asked to describe Kicking Back Podcast in three words:
Welcoming, Empowering. Joyful. (Nathan Parker)
Teacosy. Delightful. Warm. (Caitlin LM)
Well Oiled Machine. (Jed Timms)

Rec Rooms is a self-funded collaborative venture from Bradley Ingham, audio engineer James Paul and visual producer George Wright. A holy trinity of combined talents. At no expense to the artists featured on the podcast, the trio deliver a professionally edited live performance in both audio and video, clips for social media and full audio and video edits of the interview – the value of which to emerging artists, (and established artists alike) is insurmountable.

Rec Rooms has established itself as a vital channel for independent artists and bands, and the weekly podcast has become a reliable source of inspiration and entertainment during an otherwise uncertain time.

Host Bradley Ingham says: “our vision was always to feature the very best in UK music and art and give a platform to the artists we love and value. The Rec Rooms studio has become a hub for creative expressions, and we are excited to see the community we have built continue to grow with such talented artists… it’s like the Haçienda, but with tea.”

The podcast format is unique to Rec Rooms and combines inspirational conversations on art, music, mental health (and occasionally, the space time continuum), paired with exclusive live performances from the featured artists – the homely environment of the studio ensures a relaxed and motivational session.

As the live industry returns to the city, the podcast legacy continues. Over the past six months the small team have moved to more permanent studios, built from the ground up and decorated, in their signature style, an exciting new recording space for musicians and podcasters, whilst continuing to support both emerging and established local artists on the Kicking Back Podcast.


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