Keeping It In The Culture: It's Sauce Network's World - And Yours Too

Take a first look at Sorzano's video for his new single Area 51 - "the sum of Sauce Network's videography, storytelling and musical ability."

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 20 December 2019

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Introductions first. Sorzano is Manchester’s latest ‘one to watch.’ His alias is the surname his family chose, not theirs by blood, but selected. He says, “You can pick your own family – you do that with your friends every day.” And that, in turn, outlines the ethos of his collective (or, family), ‘Sauce Network.’

Sauce Network is an independent Creative Agency based in Manchester. They aim to support artists as artists themselves, to give and to get, and help build each other’s profiles.

Sorzano has been developing his distinctive concoction of trap-infused music since 2016, reflecting his dreams for the future and his human experience through music: each track gives you a glimpse into his psyche.

‘Area 51’ is the company’s latest creation: something Sorzano is incredibly proud of – and it’s clear, from the video, why. “I worked for 3 months just to get the mix correct. The video was inspired by Skepta’s MIF show – we needed it to be as psychedelic as possible.”

“It’s a dystopian future in Manchester. We wanted to make our own world and what we see Manchester like in a visual form. I want it to show everything that Sauce Network can do, in one video, but there’s a lot of stuff that people still haven’t seen just yet…”

“I would love to be able to get people into movies, do productions,” he references what Drake has done for young British actors who have already seen incredible success from Top Boy. “I hope that people see Area 51 and any of the other videos I’ve directed and shot, and they’ll be able to see that that’s where I’m going.”

Sauce Network is influenced by the culture, and is here to influence culture in return. “If you want to work with us behind the scenes, our email’s there. If you want to just enjoy the culture we put out, our channel’s there. You can either support us or get involved with us.”

Just don’t do nothing. Get to know.


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