Manchester Artist EVABEE Clears Out Her Stress With Latest Release

After a year of ups and downs, EVABEE clears the air on her new single - T&T.

By Steven Pankhurst | 25 April 2021

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An artist at one with her city, Manchester resident EVABEE was ready to release, and crucially, perform her debut EP, when the pandemic struck.

Despite all the hard work, the world told artists they couldn’t perform and instead of nurturing the industry, the music scene was hung out to dry. T&T (Tyrants & Thieves) is EVABEE’s release from the pent-up frustrations of the past year.

After clearing out the stress, it’s time to sow seeds for the year ahead…

It’s blissful and buoyant; live instruments over a clean bounce, rekindling that street soul sound. Lyrically, it’s a nod to creatives and a fuck you to those who think years of hard work is disposable. “They can’t nurture these seeds the same way we can”. They can try squash us down, but we’re growing taller than ever.