Manchester Music Amnesty

Clint Boon helped kick off the Manchester Music Amnesty this week with a donation of pre-loved CDs.

By Matthew Tyas | 15 November 2012

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Clint Boon helped kick off the Manchester Music Amnesty this week with a donation of pre-loved (and now unwanted) CDs, which will be added to the collection to raise money for local communities across Greater Manchester.

The Manchester Music Amnesty is a new fundraising initiative from charity Forever Manchester where local people are being asked to donate their unwanted CDs, DVDs and computer games which the charity will then exchange with north west business Music Magpie getting hard cash in return which will be invested in communities across the region.

Clint, keyboard player with the Inspiral Carpets and Xfm DJ, was quick to support the Amnesty with a donation of CDs including The R n B Yearbook, Jack Johnson and Chris Rea, commenting “Don’t think of it as getting rid of rubbish, but more like finding new homes for music you’ve moved on from or that just does nothing for you!”

Forever Manchester’s chief executive Nick Massey added: “Manchester is all about the music. Some of the best bands in history are from our city and its boroughs. And us Mancs are all too cool for school of course, you’d never find a dodgy CD on our shelf right?….

“ Everyone is allowed a Guilty Pleasure in life, that’s a given, but if there are one too many on your shelf, and some that even enter into ‘disgrace’ territory, then Forever Manchester is here to help!”

The charity has special Music Amnesty Collection boxes which it is offering out to businesses and individuals who think they can help, or you can drop off your unwanted items at public drop off points which include The Hard Rock Café, The Ducie Bridge Pub, The Hive and Forever Manchester’s Offices at 8 Hewitt Street in Manchester.

Forever Manchester will receive 50p for each item collected which it will then use to support local people across Greater Manchester in improving where they live.

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