Amen Brother @Antwerp Mansion

Friends of heavy kicks and snare rolls congregate for a junglist showdown in the city's spiciest suburb.

By Martin Guttridge Hewitt | Last updated 3 May 2013

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Our pick of the bank holiday bunch will see friends of heavy kicks and snare rolls congregate for a junglist showdown in the city’s spiciest suburb. The weather won’t be the only thing keeping our temperatures high then. 

Amen Finest

Whilst Rusholme isn’t renowned for its nightclubs one grand Victorian structure located within spitting distance of the district’s famous Curry Mile has certainly established itself as a quality nocturnal destination. Rough, ready, raw, and boasting a forward thinking music policy, it’s the perfect antithesis to some of town’s more polished dancefloors.

Antwerp Mansion’s programming continues in fine form tomorrow night- Friday May 3rd- as the Hit & Run crew team up with Finest favourites BMT to host the second Amen Brother event. After the carnage witnessed during the first outing we’d like to remind everyone this is about sweat, beats, and a full on party atmosphere.

Jungle and d’n’b hero Bryan Gee will be heading up the affair, and we’re sure the V Records mastermind will be bringing an abundance of quality broken rhythms with him in order to hammer the crowd. A keenly anticipated performance, the fact fellow don Randall is also getting involved by way of a classics set should seal the deal for anyone remotely interested in sounds that make feet move. And all this is before we come to mention the back2back face off between local stalwarts Bane and Nanny Banton, Rich Reason or T Dunn- four faces that complete the lineup in the booth. Undoubtedly one to get down early to, and stay late at, full details below the following clips.


Amen Brother

@ Antwerp Mansion 

Friday 3rd May 2013

10PM – 3AM / £6 – £7

Bryan Gee


Nanny Banton vs Bane

Rich Reason

T Dunn

MCs: Tonn Piper, Tman