Partisan Collective to open new alternative venue for Manchester

By Martin Guttridge Hewitt | 17 June 2016

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A fresh space aimed at giving music, creative, cultural and political events a home in the city is in the offing, with a fundraiser this weekend. We suggest paying attention. 


We’re privileged to live in an ever-changing urban environment. Driving around Manchester and Salford city centres from one week to the next is enough to confirm just how much change is in the air, with our hometown now ranking amongst the fastest growing metropoles in Europe.

Keen to deliver something new, Partisan Collective was set up by a group of forward thinkers responding to a very definite need. Whilst the likes of Hidden and The White Hotel have breathed new life into the city’s club scene, the idea here is to create somewhere that could be used for dancing just as easily as a conference on gay cinema or feminism’s role in contemporary law. Or something along those lines.

Cutting to the chase, the plan is to raise funds to open an independent venue, capable of welcoming everyone from club promoters to academic theorists- giving access to organisations and individuals that otherwise might struggle to find a suitable location. A number of one-off specials have been held at locations across the area already, with another planned for this weekend.

Saturday 18th June will see Partisan Collective take control of Fallow Cafe, at 2A Landcross Road just off the Oxford/Wilmslow Road corridor, with doors opening for music, debauchery and general good times between 3PM and 9PM. The big plan being for this to kickstart a series of day sessions soundtracked by quality music veering between house, afrobeat, garage, and everything in between.

“The aim of Partisan is to create a space in Manchester for grassroots or DIY music, political and cultural events,” explains Kate Hardy, one of the founding members. “The aim is to make somewhere that everyone can go to, even when they don’t have much cash.”

The line up for tomorrow includes Brackles of Rinse notoriety (pictured), Tom Gillespie and Cheap Date, with suggested entry fee-cum-donations of £5. For more details head for the Partisan Collective website,Twitter or Facebook.