Review: Matt Corby at Manchester Cathedral

Any gig at Manchester Cathedral is a special occasion, not least when its being filled with one of the best voices in the business; Matt Corby.

By Manchester's Finest | 6 February 2019

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The Australian singer is on our shores again 4 years since we saw him take over Gorilla. He’s here for a quick European tour before travelling his home country with new Album ‘Rainbow Valley’.

Before we get into Matt a mention for the support is a must. Jones is the perfect support for Matt, her vocals aren’t out of place in the setting at all. Anyone who takes on a cover of Massive Attack ‘Teardrops’ and absolutely smashes is worthy of such a prestigious stage.

She will be back in town at the end of March at The Eagle Inn, Salford, make sure you get over there to see for yourself.

Joel Gardner w/ special guest Jones @ Eagle Inn, Salford
Saturday 30th March

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Matt Corby was first in the public eye when he was the runner up of ‘Australian Idol’ at just 16, however, it was his EP ‘Into the Flame’ that started getting him the credit he deserved.

A short break and the man himself walks from behind the huge cathedral organ that creates an outstanding backdrop for tonight’s gig. The huge columns within the cathedral force the intimate crowd into the central void and creates a tight intimate atmosphere in the sold out mass that surrounds the stage.

He chats with the crowd; “Hello Manchester! What is it that people from Manchester call themselves? Mancurians?” He gets a bemused response from the crowd and it’s all a bit awkward so he finishes the exchange with “Okay then, cooooool.” and thankfully swiftly moves on.

Matt plays a different role from the frontman he has played previously in Manchester. He is surrounded by a selection of instruments, switching it up between songs and showcasing his many talents.

He was doing a good job of presenting his diversity within his band and even cracked out a flute at one point. His gospel voice remained consistent throughout, at times it seemed effortless for him to fill the overwhelming venue.

The new album has a very chilled vibe and it’s been a more relaxed set tonight. However for the encore it’s back to what we know for the singer-songwriter – center stage, spotlight, stripped back with strong vocals and guitar in tow.

For the last track he prowls the stage, Corby has arguably the most powerful voice in his genre; as comfortable with the soft melodic songs as he is belting his way through a raspy solo. Throughout tonight we’ve witnessed every version of him, he has given the Cathedral the performance it deserves and he leaves the crowd content.