Sankeys 1st & 2nd Feb

Sankeys kick-start February with a man who has become arguably the biggest draw the club has seen in modern times Laidback Luke.

By Matthew Tyas | 30 January 2013

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Once January is behind us the pace continues to pick up at Sankeys. Darkness descends a little slower, the swing of work feels less of a chore and we’ll get that freaky few days of sunshine that makes everyone talk about global warming again – even in Manchester. It’s also the start of some serious business at the bastion of electronic music and culture, Sankeys, who continue to champion global sounds from big name stars, established veterans and the new taste-making crop of Europe’s brightest talent.

Move D

Sankeys kick-start February with a man who has become arguably the biggest draw the club has seen in modern times, the don of Dutch house, Laidback Luke. The sell-out is guaranteed, the queues flanking around Ancoats assured, and above all, a riotous party of epic proportions, drawing party people in from right across the North West.

Luke’s signature cocktail of high octane house, effervescent electro and turbulent techno has become such a draw in Manchester that each show sees the club bracing itself for a warped deliverance of only the best hedonism around. Oliver Twtzt and John Ross support for what will be the finest beginning a month has seen in a while.

That momentum remains 24 hours later. The accessible madness of Luke’s full throttle ensemble is swapped for a more intricate and deftly curated groove in the shape of Treehouse vs La Loop, the Leeds-based promoters making a welcome trip over The Pennines to Sankeys. Headlining this soiree is house hero Move D, the urbane perfectionist whose sonic rumblings have been a core component of the European underbelly of house music experimentation for the best part of 20 years.

Support comes in the shape of Detroit veteran Mike Huckaby, whose sonic textures and aural palette are immeasurably drawn from the finest components dance music can muster. Continental flair is then drawn from Brawther and Agnes, representing France and Switzerland respectively, before the Manchester influence comes thick and fast in the shape of the triplet of duos; Us & Them, Dalton & Trench and Angus & Perry.

The Full Line-ups

Sankeys Presents

Friday 1st Feb
4 Radium Street
M4 6AY

Laidback Luke

Oliver Twizt

John Ross

£18 tickets available at and Soundbase

11pm – 5am

Tel: + 44 (0) 161 236 5444

Treehouse vs La Loop

Saturday 2nd February

4 Radium Street
M4 6AY

Move D

Mike Huckaby

Us & Them

Dalton & Trench

Angus & Perry

£12 tickets available at and Soundbase

11pm – 6am

Tel: + 44 (0) 161 236 5444

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