ShinDigger presents Made In The 0161 at Joshua Brooks

As part of their continuing series of Sessions events, ShinDigger are heading to Joshua Brooks to gloriously fuse music, beer and art.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 16 November 2017

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Music Line Up

Flash Sampson
Flash Sampson has played on Legacy and Limbo Radio bringing a range of sweet musical selections bridging genres including Neo-Soul, hip hop, afro beat and Jazz Funk. But he is no stranger to the club having played house, garage, DnB at nights such as Bite the Badger, Hit and Run, Ghosts of Garage and Punx Inna Jungle.

Abnormal Sleepz
Reece Samuels, pseudonym Abnormal Sleepz’, is an Artist & Producer/DJ hailing from Manchester. His influences are Hip Hop, Soul and Grime. You can catch him as one of BPM’s (Big People Music) main hosts where he has gained rapid recognition for his dominance, energy and lyrical abilities.

Flow theory member, and lyrical genius Kinkai has very a unique sound. He has been playlisted by Adidas and his latest track “Roll the Dice” ft. Glue 70 has just been featured by Majestic.

A Broken Camarilla
A diverse collective of musicians, songwriters, beat makers and microphone controllers, creating a new spectrum of sound for the party people. Fusing together electronic foundations with Hip-Hop, R&B and UK Bass music, the group have been performing and creating together since 2015 where they met at university.

El Statiko
El Statiko is Manchester based Turntablist / DJ who specializes in Hip Hop, Funk and Live Remixing. He DJ’s for several Manchester Hip Hop groups such as Mothership Connection and The Natural Curriculum (TNC) and is also a resident of Taste the Diff’rence.


Art Exhibitors

With abstract and colourful, smooth flowing projections, Corina Biebere’s (Hippiezilla’s) art is certainly not to be missed. Her art has been showcased in venues such as Band on the Wall, at events with the Merkai Collective & Synthesis Manchester.

“Ella photographs black people” -Ella’s Mum

Kyle Huggins
A recommendation of Manchester’s uniqueness from a friend led to the 23 year old choosing to study here, where Kyle instantly fell in love with the city, its energy and the sense of community. Kyle’s photography captures the university experience through the optics of a 35mm point and shoot camera. Taking part in his first public display, Kyle’s ‘Welcome to Manchester’ is an exploration into his view of Manchester as a relative newcomer.

ShinDigger Sessions: Made In The 0161
Saturday 9th December, 10pm
Joshua Brooks

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Joshua Brooks, 106 Princess St, Manchester M1 6NG
0161 273 7336