The Best in New Manchester Urban Music

As UK rap and R&B continue to blossom, we profile four new tracks from rising Manchester artists who should be on your radar if they're not already…

By Manchester's Finest | 2 July 2019

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Dane – “Who’s Laughing Now?”

Moss Side hip-hop artist Dane checks in for the summer with an anthem that represents his home turf to the world. After a successful run of GRM Daily-hosted music videos (‘Link$’, ‘Star in Disguise’) added sizzle to his name, Dane gets the wheels in motion for his next album with “Who’s Laughing Now”, a powerful first release from the follow up to 2017’s ’Is This As Good As It Gets’?’.

Dane delivers a full supply of confident, hard-hitting lyrics across the track, flowing over the bass-heavy instrumental with a finesse and comfort that can be traced to his early influences of golden-era Jay-Z. With the Manchester rap scene booming, only good things are on the horizon for this exciting artist.

Zo Abalone – “Cryosleep”

Mysterious and elusive, Zo’s noir-tinged sound is a fresh take on these rainy Manchester nights. Zo’s career kicked off in 2018 with a run of singles, featuring spacious, post Soundcloud era instrumentals and introspective lyrics around addiction, relationships and early 20s misdirection (‘Same Old’, ’Rewind’, ’Slytherin’).

Her first full release of 2019 takes things to a new level; exploring new age sci-fi theory entwined with the tale of a love turned sour through its addictive energy. Zo soars and flies through the moody, guitar-driven instrumental that might have been produced on the moon.

Reubz – “Bando”

Kicking off his musical journey is South Manchester native, Reubz. With a catchy hook and hyped vocal delivery, ‘Bando’ is the melodic first single from the newly-emerging rapper. The track features a joyous, almost whimsical instrumental that makes it a seamless entry for your pre-drinks playlist. Over an enticing acoustic guitar loop, Reubz showcases his technically sound flow in the verses to ensure that his message of hard work is hammered home.

‘Bando’ starts off the campaign for Reubz’s upcoming “SUAVE’ mixtape, due to be released this year. The accompanying video was shot by fellow Manchester artist, Dane.

Tunde feat. Yung LB x Dollas Up Nero – “Runtzchester”

In what is new ground for the UK-US connection, bubbling rapper Tunde links up with L.A.’s own Yung LB for an infectious track that appropriates solidifies their connection, ’Runtzchester’. Shot in the 0161 by ShazOneWay, Tunde and LB trade solid punchlines and sharp flows over a West Coast inspired instrumental.

Over the last year, Tunde has struck a chord with the masses with his charismatic yet humble retellings of gritty street life. This new collaboration comes on the back of Tunde’s ‘Fire in the Booth’ with Charlie Sloth and ‘Next Up’ episodes, which have hit almost 3 million views collectively in 6 months.