The Maccabees at Albert Hall Manchester Review

By Manchester's Finest | 21 January 2016

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The London Indie rockers are well on their way through their tour, promoting fourth album, ‘Marks To Prove It’. It’s been three years since The Maccabees released their last album ‘Given To The Wild’.

Manchester’s Albert Hall is full to the rafters of excited fans, the first of the two sell out shows. The Maccabees can’t come to the stage sooner; opening up with new title track ‘Marks To Prove It’ the track of summer 2015 has the crowd instantly bouncing.

Highly energetic guitarist Felix White. “Good evening, hello hello hello hello hello” the crowd reply with a roar as they jump, dance and sing as the band erupt into ‘Love You Better’

Then for some ‘Precious Time’ the admiring fans shouting every word back at frontman Orlando weeks. Orlando takes time between songs to thank the crowd, starting with the right balcony, he alternates between the upper and lower tiers saluting each section of the crowd.

Smiley Hugo introduces each member of the band, including their new percussion players. “How is everyone doing down there Manchester?”

New song ‘Spit It Out’ proves to be the highlight of the night so far. The mood darkens, with spotlights on Orlando and the piano player. As the track gets going, a small mosh pit forms; the usually shy Orlando swings his guitar behind his back and dances the stage.

Indie Rock all over The Maccabees are on form tonight, giving off a vigorous spirit. It’s nice to see a truly talented band appreciating where they are.

Following the pin drop track ‘Silence’ they hit us with a couple of classics; ‘Latchmere’ one of the band’s early favorites, from the first album, the crowd love it, and then another; ‘X-Ray’ the track keeps the crowd raucous as they enjoy more moshing to an old time favorite.

The album artwork is presented to the rear old chapel, the photo is an intended association with the area the album was made. Hugo thanks the crowd once again followed by Orlando who gives us an insight into the album, as he points backward to the backdrop, showing the Elephant and Castle monument, he explains how this album represents the place and the people who live in the area in which they formed as a band. They Play ‘Something Like Happiness’ and then leave the stage for the encore.

The band return with a welcoming roar ‘River Song’ and ‘WW1 Portraits’. Fans climb onto their friends shoulders for the track everyone has been hoping for  ‘Toothpaste Kisses’ soft spoken Orlando “What a beautiful place to be playing” as he looks around at the beautifully lit Albert Hall “If you feel like you want to go on shoulders, or mosh, that’s ok

The five-piece finish their exceptional set list with ‘Pelican’ more raised shoulder fans appear, the crowd dance wildly and sing loudly for the big finale. The Maccabees prove themselves. A night filled with classics from their earlier albums, such as ‘X-Ray’ and ‘Love You Better’, combined with new tracks such as ‘Spit It Out’ and ‘Silence’. Hopefully we will catch the band preform some of this years festivals.


1.     Marks To Prove It
Feel To Follow
Wall Of Arms
Ribbon Road
Love You Better
Young Lions
Precious Time
Can You Give It
Spit It Out
No Kind Words
Grew Up At Midnight
Something Like Happiness


17.  River Song
WW1 Portraits
Toothpaste Kisses