There Really is a Wolf in Manchester

American singer, songwriter and rapper Russ embarks on a European tour in 2018 and he will be stopping off at Manchester Academy in March.

By Manchester's Finest | 26 October 2017

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Russ- There’s Really a Wolf in Europe Tour

Manchester Academy- 12th March 2018


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This is heartfelt, truthful music for self-empowerment. Real soul. It’s hard but melodic, sophisticated but with a direct emotional message, and this tour is going to be one for the history books.

There are hints of hammock-rocking reggae, whiskey-soaked Southern rock, and soul-scarred R&B. No gimmicks, just eclectic fusion at its most advanced.

If the true mark of a rebel is to resist accepted falsehoods, speak up for what they believe, and go against the grain, Russ owns that description. Take his current hit, “What They Want.” Sure, the beat is hard and there are bars about girls and his rise to success, but it goes much deeper.

He’s the one pulling the strings and pointing out the puppets. He’s savvy and attuned to the demands of the music industry.

Manchester Academy, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PR