Trof Presents: The Phantom Band

By Steven Pankhurst | 23 January 2015

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Trof welcome back the return of their much loved Scottish friends The Phantom Band after they graced them with their ‘proto-robofolk’ as they call it in the summer of 2014.

This year’s album ‘Strange Friend’ is now at the top of many end of year ‘best album’ lists so it’s only right that they bring them back for another show. A new mini-album ‘Fears Trending’ is due out on 26th Jan also. The record’s title is an anagram of ‘Strange Friend’. “Maybe it’s the evil twin of the last one”, mentions guitarist Duncan Marquiss.

Strange Friend received glorious praise from Uncut with 5/5, calling them “a thrillingly inventive band”. MOJO gave the album 4/5 calling it a “unique record charged with the notion that rock music has far from exhausted its every possibility”, and The Observer noted “traces of Neu!, Captain Beefheart, Van Morrison, Velvet Underground, and Doll By Doll in the mix but the final sweep of sound is courageously – and wonderfully – uniquely their own.”