Wilderness presents Sundays at Six (with a different DJ each week)

The new series begins with guest vinyl selections from Manchester’s own - Better Days.

By Ben Brown | 8 November 2019

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Sunday is a day that divides opinion. When it starts it’s great. Wake up and you’ve got a big breakfast to look forward to, then a roast dinner and perhaps even a few cheeky glasses of Prosecco while watching a John Wayne film on BBC2.

When it gets to around 5pm though – things start to go downhill. It’s what I call the ‘Heartbeat Feeling’. That time when you realise that you have to get up and go to work in the morning, much like when you were a kid, Heartbeat came on and you knew the weekend was over and it was school tomorrow.

There’s no real cure for the ‘Heartbeat Feeling‘ but there are ways of suppressing it. One is to just quit your job and go on the dole. But a much less dramatic option is to actually get up off your arse and do something productive with your Sunday evening.

Your brain then forgets all about Monday morning and you have a good time.

So here’s an option for you. Wilderness Record Store in Withington are starting a new series of events with Sundays At Six – bringing a different DJ to their decks each week for you to wind down from the weekend with.

So head on down, suppress that ‘Heartbeat Feeling’ and wind down from the weekend the best possible way imaginable. With some great music and a couple of beers.


Sundays At Six

Venue: Wilderness Record Store
Date: Every Sunday
Time: From 6pm
Cost: FREE

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Wilderness Record Store, 9 Egerton Cres, Manchester