Witch*unt present Ghana's Keyzuz at The White Hotel

Described as “the most exciting club night of the year” back when it launched in 2014, Witch*unt returns after a two-year hiatus with its most ambitious line-up to date.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 16 March 2018

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Playing her UK debut and showcasing a brand-new AV set is Keyzuz, the Accra hailing DJ at the forefront of Ghana’s electronic music scene.

“What sets Keyzuz apart from her peers is her passion for genres such as d’n’b, grime, dupset and trap,” wrote Mixmag after watching her perform in November, while Noisey say “the cohesion [of her sets] comes not from genre but the creation of a unified moodscape, made all the more convincing by the way Keyzuz plays, with razor-sharp intent. She’s not reading her crowd for approval but presenting her sonic narrative, if not exactly fully formed then fully envisaged, an assuredness that will draw you in even if her choice of music isn’t familiar.

Reuniting for an exclusive b2b after time away working on solo careers, Manchester duo The Steppahs made some big moves when their shared passion for dubstep brought them together. While Tay started off playing d‘n’b at Metropolis, Angie (also known as TAMASiNE) favoured hip hop and soul on 106fm (now Unity radio).

After they started playing out as a duo, sets and residencies at iconic Manchester club nights such as Hit & Run, Metropolis and Platoon followed, as well as bookings at The Warehouse Project and Outlook Festival alongside artists such as Skream, Benga and Magnetic Man.

Finally, warming things up is NTS2’s charismatic presenter Meme Gold, a long time Manchester tastemaker and integral member of the music scene as a designer and stylist. Now as a DJ, she showcases her passion for genres such as alt-urban, disco and Manchester hailing talent.

Witch*unt presents: Keyzuz
Saturday 17th March
With The Steppahs & Meme Gold

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