Junkyard Golf Club is back at its new home of 3 Piccadilly Place

Junkyard Golf Club Manchester has a new home at 3 Piccadilly Place, and the new course

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 9 February 2017

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Junkyard Golf Club Manchester has a new home at 3 Piccadilly Place, and the new course – build up from scratch by Chris Legh, James Bart Murphy and Lyndon Higginson – will feature two brand new nine-hole golf courses, along with three bars and the return of hot dog stall, Bart’s Dog Kart.

The trio has surpassed themselves to create the ultimate golf courses setting, expect to take a round of golf with trippy skulls, a tree house bar, 90’s rave UV room, slushy cocktails, UFC grizzly bear in a wrestling cage, a 14ft yacht and ready to erupt volcano.


Chris Legh, creative director said: “ Our new home has been chosen to keep inline with the strategy of moving around the City to create a new buzz in an area that people don’t generally hang out in. With great transport links we hope people will discover a new area of Manchester for leisure activities.”

“My favourite area is the UV 90’s rave room featuring a two metre high sugar skull with rotating acid house eyes”.

Golfers will be able to choose from two different mashed-up courses:



I say AYA, you say NAPA! Take a journey through 9 holes of banging beats and small-town nightclub vibes. Dropping shots and moves on holes like ‘Notorius P I G’ and ‘WOOL-I-AM’, then putt your sanity away through our UK Garage-Garage, including stuff like Car-pArtfull Dodger. Finally, the now legendary UV rave room will have you going Moloko down in Acapulco. If you think you’d like being 18 and living in Swindon in 2003, this is for you.



The jungle is massive, booyaka, booyaka! Take an excursion into the unknown as you navigate 9 holes of polluted paradise. A once tranquil wild world, now sullied by creeping humanization. Putt your way though the litter strewn jungle, around toxic tree frogs, past a deep cave bear wrestling cage and a Rihanna themed forest bathroom, until you reach the oil soaked ocean and Rio-On-Sea. Is it golf? Baby don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. No more.


Doors open to public on 1st of September.
Open Monday – Thursday: 4pm until 12midnight
Friday: 2pm – 12 midnight
Sat: 12noon to 12 midnight
Sun 12-10pm

Kids welcome on Sundays and before 7pm Monday – Thursday

Tickets cost £7.50 off peak and £9 peak www.junkyardgolfclub.co.ul T&Cs apply.