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Selfridges Manchester & Trafford Engage in Retail Activism With The Launch Of Project Ocean

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 16 February 2024

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Selfridges Manchester & Trafford Branches Engage In Retail Activism With The Launch Of Project Ocean

Selfridges will today (May 11th) launch Project Ocean, an inspiring initiative that challenges the public to imagine a world with “no more fish in the sea”.  Project Ocean is spearheaded by Selfridges’ Creative Director Alannah Weston, working in partnership with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

Selfridges is collaborating with campaigners to use its trademark high-energy creative marketing approach to increase awareness, inspire changed consumer habits and raise funds.  Running from 11 May – 12 June, the project is both a celebration of the oceans and a forum for conservationists to issue an urgent public wake-up call to address issues of sustainability, overfishing and marine protection.

Driven by the unthinkable prospect of the world’s major fisheries collapsing by 2050, Selfridges Manchester joins forces with Selfridges stores in London, Birmingham and Trafford to launch Project Ocean. Project Ocean will also join forces with high profile activists from the worlds of art, fashion and culinary arts.

To make the key themes more engaging to its customers, Selfridges Exchange and Trafford stores are injecting a high dose of style, fun and entertainment into the mix. From frogmen marching its hallowed aisles, to selling specially commissioned ‘No More Fish In The Sea?’ T-shirts by famed activist fashion designer Katharine Hamnett, to ocean-themed store windows, there will be a non-stop buzz throughout both Greater Manchester stores to help convey the most pressing messages over the duration of the campaign.

Selfridges will also demonstrate its commitment to the cause via its Manchester Gallery Moet Bar & Restaurant, which will be introducing an ongoing responsible sourcing policy. The restaurant will also be launching a new range of sustainable fish-based dishes including a pollock and vegetable stew, smoked mackerel pate, pan-fried mullet and poached rainbow trout; while the Trafford branch will be serving up a range of special fish and seafood salads in its popular champagne bar.

To further help educate North West customers, and change their fish consumption habits, a free Project Ocean Fish Guide has been developed in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) to identify which fish to eat and which to avoid, suggesting alternatives to those under threat.

The guide will be available in booklet format through the stores and via a free smartphone app that also include recipes from top chefs, a sustainable fish and seafood restaurant guide developed by Fish2Fork, and additional Project Ocean information and content.

It has also helped fund the creation of a marine reserve in the Philippines on a unique double barrier reef, creating a safe haven for endangered fish. Greater Manchester shoppers, and the general public, will be able to contribute to the setting up of similar marine reserves around the world by donating directly to Project Ocean and through the purchase of Project Ocean campaign ribbons, bracelets and accessories that will be sold online and in store.

Alannah Weston, co-creator of Project Ocean and Creative Director of Selfridges commented: “Marine conservation is a personal passion for me. Project Ocean is a wonderful opportunity to use Selfridges’ reputation and influence through all its stores to help conservationists reach a wider audience and raise the stakes for global impact.”

Jane Sharrocks, General Manager of Selfridges Exchange, said: “Our customers are increasingly eco-conscious and expect us, as a responsible retailer, to do all we can to help implement and promote sustainability throughout our entire operation.

“I’m confident our customers, and the wider Greater Manchester public, will get behind the initiative and support Selfridges’ ongoing commitment to conservation and sustainable fishing.”

For more details of Project Ocean, including a downloadable version of the special fish guide, links to the Fish Guide App and details of the fundraising campaign there is a special microsite at